Saturday, 6 July 2019

Taking in the view

Taking in the View 

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to the blog

So it's officially summer, the last few weeks in London especially have been lovely. I'll hold my hands up n say give me a warm day and a clear sky and i'll be out doors enjoying it.

Living in London I know from experience it's very easy to put your head down and get to where you need to be but sometimes if you stop to take in the view it can be pretty amazing.

London is full of some amazing history and places to visit but I am not ashamed to say I am that person who will stop and grab a picture of a sunset or a view. The sky really fascinates me as it is always different but with the view of different parts of London it makes it something else. 

Do you have places or views you like to visit? 

Drop a comment below and lets share some favourites for everyone to visit

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4

Hey Everyone 

Welcome back to the blog and today it’s a Disney’s Pixar theme talking about all things Toy Story 4.

Having just come home from watching the new film I have to say I’m so impressed In so many ways. 

It was so well done from the start and you can see if you’ve been watching since the start how well Pixar has come in design it looked amazing.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit I wasn’t completely on board with another film in the franchise as I thought after the 3rd film they’d wrapped the story up well and it had come full circle. From the opening part of the film you were honestly taken straight back to your childhood and back with characters the majority of us have grown up with. 

There are a lot of things in the film so many can relate to from all different parts of your life from Toys and possessions moving on in your life in different ways.

The story picks up with Bonnie and what has happened since the toys have been living with her and things she is being introduced with starting at school.

Disney have done this brilliantly with bringing back characters we all know and love to introducing new characters including the lovable Forky for the new generation of fans. 

Let me know below if you’ve seen the film and what your thoughts were and which of the new characters you liked.

Have a great rest of the week 

Love Holly 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Backstreet Boys DNA Tour o2 arena London

Backstreet Boys DNA tour - London o2 arena

June 17th 2019

Hey Everyone 

Welcome back to the blog.

For today’s blog it’s all about last nights Backstreet Boys show at the o2 arena In London.

Now the European leg of the tour has been running for the last few weeks and I’ve seen a few pictures and videos but up until last night I’d managed to stay away from a lot of spoilers but what a show it was. 

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen the band live but this show was really something else. 2 hours of an amazing back catalogue and 26! Yes 26 years of memories live on stage. 

There’s so many memories I can say come from this band from music to shows but also to friendship. I have so many friends I’ve met along the way.

On every tour the Backstreet Boys come back with a different show. I think it’s true you don’t pay to see a concert you pay to a show and they never disappoint. Let me know below if you’ve seen the tour, what your favourite part was and if you have plans to see the show soon

Have a great week

Love Holly 

Monday, 27 May 2019

Playing tourist in your own city vs getting out of town

Hey Everyone, 

Welcome back to the blog 

For today's blog lets talk travel. 

I live in London, there is so many different things to do and places to visit here which makes it usually always busy. I have found some amazing places that I love that are away from the normal places like to visit. 

London itself has so much history I find it really interesting just going on long walks especially down the River Thames. There are so many old and new buildings each with their own story to tell. Another way I love to use for exploring the city is on the river boats. You really do see some amazing views but also discover new places to visit that you wouldn't think of straight away to go to. 

There's so many things also around the country that are within reach to do, a few weeks ago whilst on a visit to Portsmouth to see a show I was lucky enough to have sometime the day after to just walk along the beach and have lunch in the sun and see some of the things that is on offer. It's always worth just grabbing a map or checking google maps to see whats near by when ever you have some spare time. I've often found the best places when I've not even been looking and this just a personal opinion but sometimes they can be more enjoyable than things that are advertised everywhere. 

On the flip side of this, from being in the city do you ever look to just escaping for a few days or even just for the day. The majority of journey's timed right give you a great amount of time even on a day trip to go and explore somewhere else in the UK. With the journey times up to Liverpool and Manchester for example just under two hours now it's very easy to grab some advance tickets and explore. 

Let me know below if you prefer planned holidays or out of the blue trips and where you like to visit. 

Love Holly 


Sunday, 26 May 2019

The blog is back

Hey Everyone

Welcome back to the blog

It’s officially back after a bit of a break. The last month or so has been really busy so I took a bit of a break to put some new content together which I’m happy to say is coming this week. 

There’s lots coming up in the next few months which I’m really looking forward to posting. 

Have a great rest of the long weekend 

Love Holly 


Saturday, 30 March 2019

SanDisk mobile storage

Hey Everyone 

So tonight’s blog is sponsored by Sandisk and I’m very excited to tell you about their new storage idea which is a game changer for transferring data off phones and iPads to computers and laptops. 

How many times have you been in the situation where you have items you want to back up or transfer to others and don’t have a cable to hand?

This is just a personal opinion but I am not a fan of backing things up to the cloud. I’ve never fully trusted it but with these new memory sticks you have a range of different storage options for photos, music and files to transfer between devices. 

The one featured is 32gb which is so much extra space, more on these you can find them over on Amazon.
Once you’ve downloaded the Sandisk ixpand flash drive and set it up you are all good to go with the extra storage space. 

Let me know below if you’ve tried these or would look to getting one to try.

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly

Friday, 29 March 2019

Body Scrub ideas

Body Scrub Ideas 

Hey Everyone 

So for tonight’s blog I thought I’d mix it up a bit and get some beauty products in the mix. 

So after going through all my shower gels(and throwing so many out with nearly empty bottles) I decided to look at some different brands and new products to use. I tend to stick to the same but wanted to try something new.

Whilst in Pink today I found these new shower scrubs. They retail at £15 each but also are on the deal of 2 for £22 which is what I got them on.

There’s a lot in the deal and some I will be going back for but these caught my eye.

Firstly they both smell amazing and my skin is super soft after testing out the Detox Scrub. I’m looking forward to seeing if it makes a difference to my skin. 

Let me know below if you’ve seen or have any of this range and what your thoughts are on using new products. Do you look for particular things or go for something completely different.

Thanks for reading 
Love Holly

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Hollyb83 - Travel inspiration

Travel Inspiration 

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to the blog

So for today's blog I thought I'd give you an insight in to me and how my blog came to be what it is.

It started off with theatre and then spread to everything else I enjoy to do. Between lifestyle, travel and fashion there are lots of things I enjoy writing about.

Starting off with travel, I love getting out a suitcase and planning where my next adventure will be. From travelling round the UK to wanting to jump on a plane it's a great feeling knowing your escaping for a while.
From places I've visited before to brand new places I've always got lists of places to cross off to visit. Even in London, this city especially has so many things to do even if you've lived here your whole life you will always find something different.
I think everyone can agree they all have a list of dream places they would love to visit.

My top 3 that I haven't visited yet are 

New York
I have a list of things for New York that is ever growing. Right at the top is to full fill a dream and see Wicked on Broadway. Along with a lot of tourist places to visit and shopping it is one I plan on getting booked soon. 

A world away from New York, this is one place I would love to visit on holiday and enjoy the endless beaches and crystal blue oceans. I've always loved taking pictures of sunsets and from pictures they look incredible here. 

I've seen so many incredible pictures of Santorini and have heard so many great things from friends that have visited that this is really high on my list to visit. 

It's really hard to actually choose a top 3 for this as the more time i spend looking at Pinterest the more places I want to travel too and see.

Let me know below where your top 3 travel destinations are 

Have a great rest of the week 

Love Holly 

Sunday, 24 March 2019

The Superstars of Gymnastics -o2 arena

Superstars of Gymnastics 

Hey Everyone
Welcome back to the blog where this weekend the theme is gymnastics.
The Superstars of Gymnastics arrived back at The o2 arena in London where even before the shows started you knew from the atmosphere in the crowd you were in for a great day. 
Full of Gymnastics clubs and fans of all ages you could see so much admiration especially from the younger fans watching their idols knowing this is something are going to pursue. 

Both sessions had a fun element to them, all the gymnasts during the day had a choice of the golden buzzer which they could use before one of their events to double their scores. 

Some of my favourite performances came from watching the men take to the parallel bars and the women take to the beam. All the performances had something different in them and a lot of fun and humour. You could really see everyone was having a great time which in turn reflected in the responses from the audience.
The judging panel consisted of Simone Biles, Laurent Landi, Amy Tinkler, and Max Whitlock. It was great to see both Simone and Max perform in both sessions. Both of their performances were put together so well and received so well by the crowd. 

I’m already looking forward to next year and seeing this again. It’s always a great day out and really good for all Gymnastics fans. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and have a great weekend 

Love Holly 

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas

Hey Everyone

Welcome back to the blog. So recently I've been spending more time looking into the world of Pinterest. 
There are so many different ideas on there for so many different things. On my saved boards I've already planned a lot of holidays and my travel bucket list of places that keep springing up which I would love to visit. 

Other boards I have been looking into is planning how to decorate a dream house and ideas for different rooms. 
Have you ever looked at Pinterest for ideas?, I think everyone has ideas on colour schemes and what they would like but after looking for ideas I think I have redeveloped some that I already had. 

I've always loved decorating, from choosing the colour to painting the rooms. I find it very chilling especially on bigger wall spaces. One day I do want to choose all my own colour schemes and really look forward to actually seeing my ideas come together. 

Where do you look for your furniture? I go a couple of different ways on this by either looking for a theme or picking up things when I see them to make them fit with different ideas. 

If you are on Pinterest and would like to come and follow my design ideas click on this link Holly's Pinterest 

Let me know below what design ideas you have at the moment and what projects you are working on 

Have a great week 

Love Holly 

Friday, 1 March 2019

White Light vs Yellow Light

White light vs Yellow light

Hey Everyone

So today’s blog is talking about the difference between White light and Yellow light and finding out if you know the difference.

Now for many years I’ve had a range of different migraines some easy to deal with and some not. 
Although I now have an answer for what can trigger it I still try and help with other factors. 

A few years ago at a routine eye appointment I was offered the chance to change my lenses to blue light lenses. They change what we see as white light back to natural yellow and with my prescription have been brilliant. 
Now I don’t need them all the time but when I do the difference is so good.

Looking into it more white light is around more and more now. Some shops are so bright I have at times left. With people using computers, tablets and phones so much now I have to ask who realises how much white light they subject their eyes too.

Some people are fine with it but i personally struggle when I’m tired as my eyes really strain and this makes it worse.
I’ve turned on night shift on my phone which when the sun sets turns the brightness down so you are looking at a more natural light.

A few weeks ago I ordered these amazing glasses from Sarah’s Day on Instagram they also have blue light lenses.
They don’t have my prescription in yet but even so they’ve become great for using when working.

It’s something to look into as it can really change how you feel and operate.
Let me know below your thoughts and if there are things you do to help keep natural light around you more.

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly

Monday, 18 February 2019

Jump yourself fit

Jump yourself fit

Hey Everyone, 

So the end of the month is fast approaching, anyone else agree that January felt a lot longer than a normal month but well February has just vanished. 
Who started the year with Fitness goals? 

I spent last year building up my fitness and stamina with Trampoline classes. I never thought I would actually find something I really enjoy as much as I do. The most fitness wise in recent years I had done before that was train for the Moon Walk and complete a full 26 miles. 

Personally for me finding these fitness classes was a great thing. They came at the right time where I wanted to get back into something to challenge me, that I'd enjoy and also something I wouldn't talk myself out of. 

With some classes I've done in the past if I've not felt comfortable with it i'll talk myself out of going but with these classes it's something very different. Its more of a party atmosphere in every session. If you are looking for something to try I would really recommend this. 
I'm currently doing classes with Fitness Vibe and the one thing I love is no class is ever the same and they know how to push you but in a way where you benefit from it which for me is a great bonus. 

How is everyone doing with their fitness goals this year? drop me a comment below and let me know. 

Love Holly 

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Share the Love

Hey Everyone 

Happy Valentines Day

It's the day that arrives in the shops pretty much as soon as the Christmas decorations are cleared away. 
I'm not a massive fan of the day I'll admit - I don't understand why firstly it's so commercial where you can go out for a meal one evening that's not Valentines day for normal price and on Valentines night its triple the price. I believe you shouldn't just need one day to tell spoil your partner and tell them you love them that's something that should be done as often as you want in your relationship. 

Small gestures I think mean more, I love seeing people carrying big bunches of flowers and cards and also men carrying them home for their partners. You can see the thought is there and to me I think it's completely the thought that counts. 

What are your thoughts on Valentines Day? How are you spending today?
Drop a comment below and let me know 

Love Holly 

Saturday, 9 February 2019

My favourite You Tubers

Hey Guys 

So welcome to February - who else thinks that January felt like it last about 2 months .. Starting off this month on the blog I am featuring some of my favourite You Tube vloggers. 
If you are looking for some new people to follow these are one's to check out

This is How We Bingham
These guys have over the past few years become my favourites to watch. Producing some of the greatest vlogs I've seen, the most recent being their trip to Hawaii they make you believe you are there with them and experiencing it like they are. 
There's an element of fun in every vlog and great energy you'll love coming back every day to see what they've been up to and see whats coming next. 

Sarah's Day 
I came across Sarah's Day late last year on You Tube and her channel has become one where I always look forward to the notification popping up for a new video. I love the editing style on each of the video's and the way each of the, are presented. 
From the health and lifestyle tips to following Sarah's pregnancy all her video's are great to watch. Sarah has also just hit 1 million subscribers on You Tube which is such an achievement. 

You Tube - Sarah's Day
Blog - Sarah's Day 
Instagram - Sarah's Day 

Emily Canham
Emily's You Tube videos are great, she covers a wide range of subjects including Disney and some great fashion haul vlogs. Her channel is well put together along with her Instagram I really recommend checking her out. 

You Tube - Emily Canham
Instagram - Emily Canham

I hope you all have great week 

Love Holly 

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Setting the goals for the year

Hey Everyone, 

So today's blog comes from being wrapped in a blanket away from the cold today. So somehow the first month of the year is coming to an end. 
I feel like I have managed a lot in the past few weeks, along with the diary I normally get every year this year I also bought a planner. I've started making lists for days off for things I need to do as I am one of those people that if I don't make a list somewhere It will get forgotten about. I've got a habit of leaving some messages unread to make sure that if they need something done I will remember to do it. 

So things accomplished in the past few weeks include 

I have been sitting here for just over an hour deleting emails and clearing all my email boxes ... Its beyond refreshing to see notifications for emails go back down to 0. A goal for myself this year is to keep on top of this. We won't discuss how many have just been deleted as its shockingly bad but it's a job thats needed doing for a while. 

This project is an on going one. Decluttering... Well not only do I hoard stuff but I'm crafty with storing stuff too. Ive decided the easiest thing to do is work round my room part by part as otherwise this will never get done. No matter how many bin bags make it to the bin or to the charity shop its like it all multiplies and doesn't look any different. 

The Blog
I've got some ideas in the works. Now I have a new schedule I have time to develop somethings I've wanted to do for a while. Keep an eye for more coming soon. 

I know people normally set goals at the start of the year but I always give January a chance to see what path i'm on for the year. 

Drop a comment below and let me know how your goals are going and what your plans are for the year.

Love Holly 

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Marvel Avengers Station

Hey Everyone 

Well if you are a Marvel fan today’s blog is for you.

Located over at the Excel Centre in London is Marvel Avengers Station which is accessible from the DLR and the Emirates Air line cable car. When you get to the Excel Centre I do recommend the walk the through the centre to get there as it’s a lot warmer than riverside at the moment. 

We booked online before the visit with discount codes from Wowcher, there are other offers online at the moment for booking so it’s worth checking around. 

The exhibition itself was great, we chose to go during the week so it was really quiet but there’s a lot of space to move around and see everything so with people on time slot bookings everyone gets a chance to see what’s there and not be over crowded. 

There were lots to see from all the Avengers characters and you are allowed to take pictures which is great for all fans.

One thing to note is they only take cards so if you want to get things in the gift shop make sure you are ready.

It was a great afternoon and well worth the visit whilst it’s here in London till March 31st.

Let me know below if you’ve been or are planning to go and what your thoughts were.

Love Holly 

Monday, 7 January 2019

Pinterest ideas


Hey Everyone 

So today’s blog focuses on Pinterest

It’s a platform I’ve recently got into and have spent time over Christmas looking at travel ideas and also looking for design ideas for my dream apartment/house.

The more I’ve started using this app the more I’ve come to love the ideas that are coming out of it. What I want to know is if you have Pinterest what do you use it for and how good do you find the app? 

I’m learning more about it as the days go on which I’m enjoying.
Drop a comment below with what you use Pinterest for and also your links and I’ll come n follow you all :) 

Have a great week 

Love Holly

Friday, 4 January 2019

New Year New Chapter - 2019 goals

New Year New Chapter 

Hey Everyone 

Happy New Year

Welcome back to a new year on the blog.

So it’s 2019 - I don’t think I’m the only one who agrees 2018 just flew past. 

Looking back especially at the pictures on my phone I achieved a lot. I know everyone looks to start the year with new goals but for me this year I want to carry on with what I set in progress in 2018.

The last 12 months were pretty much a whirlwind but one I will class as eye opening and a challenge. 

It’s not until you deal with challenges do you realise how much you can pull out of yourself and deal with things.

If there is one thing I take in to 2019 it’s to push my comfort zone further, 2018 ended on a great note so I’m looking forward to putting the work into see what happens next.

Let me know below what your plans are for the year and how you set your goals.

Love Holly