The Superstars of Gymnastics -o2 arena

Superstars of Gymnastics 

Hey Everyone
Welcome back to the blog where this weekend the theme is gymnastics.
The Superstars of Gymnastics arrived back at The o2 arena in London where even before the shows started you knew from the atmosphere in the crowd you were in for a great day. 
Full of Gymnastics clubs and fans of all ages you could see so much admiration especially from the younger fans watching their idols knowing this is something are going to pursue. 

Both sessions had a fun element to them, all the gymnasts during the day had a choice of the golden buzzer which they could use before one of their events to double their scores. 

Some of my favourite performances came from watching the men take to the parallel bars and the women take to the beam. All the performances had something different in them and a lot of fun and humour. You could really see everyone was having a great time which in turn reflected in the responses from the audience.
The judging panel consisted of Simone Biles, Laurent Landi, Amy Tinkler, and Max Whitlock. It was great to see both Simone and Max perform in both sessions. Both of their performances were put together so well and received so well by the crowd. 

I’m already looking forward to next year and seeing this again. It’s always a great day out and really good for all Gymnastics fans. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and have a great weekend 

Love Holly 


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