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Travel Inspiration 

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to the blog

So for today's blog I thought I'd give you an insight in to me and how my blog came to be what it is.

It started off with theatre and then spread to everything else I enjoy to do. Between lifestyle, travel and fashion there are lots of things I enjoy writing about.

Starting off with travel, I love getting out a suitcase and planning where my next adventure will be. From travelling round the UK to wanting to jump on a plane it's a great feeling knowing your escaping for a while.
From places I've visited before to brand new places I've always got lists of places to cross off to visit. Even in London, this city especially has so many things to do even if you've lived here your whole life you will always find something different.
I think everyone can agree they all have a list of dream places they would love to visit.

My top 3 that I haven't visited yet are 

New York
I have a list of things for New York that is ever growing. Right at the top is to full fill a dream and see Wicked on Broadway. Along with a lot of tourist places to visit and shopping it is one I plan on getting booked soon. 

A world away from New York, this is one place I would love to visit on holiday and enjoy the endless beaches and crystal blue oceans. I've always loved taking pictures of sunsets and from pictures they look incredible here. 

I've seen so many incredible pictures of Santorini and have heard so many great things from friends that have visited that this is really high on my list to visit. 

It's really hard to actually choose a top 3 for this as the more time i spend looking at Pinterest the more places I want to travel too and see.

Let me know below where your top 3 travel destinations are 

Have a great rest of the week 

Love Holly 


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