Saturday, 27 May 2017

This is how we Bingham

 Hey Everyone, 

Happy Saturday and if your in London like myself happy sunny Saturday.

Welcome to the second part of my series featuring some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers I've been following. For those who haven't checked out the first part it featured the amazing Gardener Quad Squad it's up on the blog on 

Through watching their videos and through you tube suggestions I came across the brilliant Bingham family. I love watching their daily vlogs put together with such energy and they've also become part of my daily you tube schedule. 

I think so far from the videos I've seen my top 5 would be the baby gender reveal (yes I cried)  the frozen cat rescue, the series with the broken leg in the skate park, the aquarium with the gardners and last but not least Hazels viral video

If you've not seen any of these pop on to you tube n check them out I don't want to give away spoilers for them but they are great n so well put together. 
I'm still trying to develop the you tube channel side of my blog n these videos really inspire me to do so.

If you haven't checked them out on you tube hopefully the link below works I'm trialling a new blogging app on my phone at the min.

Hope you all have a great weekend 

Love Holly 

this is how we Bingham

Friday, 26 May 2017

A round up of some adventures Liverpool, southport and a rainy Lake District drive

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Friday and start of the bank holiday weekend. Summer seems to well and truly arrived after it's late start. 

Well this time last week I was on my way to Euston in London for my train up to Liverpool. I normally travel both ways by Virgin Trains but this was a half London Midland journey and half Virgin Trains to make better use of the train ticket prices. 
I have to say the London Midland journey was actually really nice (not gonna knock free wifi on the train) and even though the Girl on the Train advertising kept catching me out with Emily Blunt on the window it was a great journey.

Next stop was Liverpool to be reunited with good friend Jenni her son Toby and later on in the day her husband Dave as well. 
We had a great afternoon checking out Toby's school fete and then went for a walk down the pier in Southport which I have to say never fails to come up with a stunning view on all my visits. 
If your lucky you can actually see the Blackpool tower away in the distance. 
We had a great dinner at Frankie and Benny's after and it was then home time to get ready for our road trip the next day.

Saturday arrived and with it bought some heavy rain showers. Not just heavy rain full on pelting rain which lasted a good few hours. It didn't put us off stocking up on snacks n drinks for our road trip. 
The drive was a good few hours with a great trip down memory lane music but even though it was raining the Lake District was stunning. I've never been before and hope one day to come back to explore more.

Our destination was Workington, I have to say after reading the description of the event it actually sounded great and yes we had a great day but my only downsides for the day were firstly the very sad let down of what was the "fairground" to me personally a small t cup ride, a tiny bouncy castle and then the one adult ride that cost £15 to get on was not what I was expecting.
The other downside was part of the organisation, I would have said there were a good 300 odd people at the event which wasn't a problem but the lack of toilet facilities was debatable. Having queued for a good 20 mins to find two of the only four women's toilets on the site backing up and in a horrific state I went else where but with no sinks either it wasn't nice at all.
The music itself was really good, with some local acts on first it was then time for a1, atomic kitten and then 5ive.
Jenni and I had travelled to see a1, their set was brilliant and a great trip down memory lane for us. We met going to see a1 when they first started 18 years ago and time has just flown since. We had a great time and it was lovely see all the guys after as well.
Luckily after a welcome McDonalds the journey back wasn't as bad weather wise as the one going which made a welcome change.

Sundays adventures were spent on the docks in Liverpool having a look in the Maritime museum at the Titanic exhibition. It's one I've meant to visit for a while and it really didn't disappoint. Looking at the items that have been found and looking at stories that happened on board we really thought it was a well done exhibition. If you get a chance to check it out i completely recommend it.
After a lovely lunch and a quick nosey around Liverpool One it was time to head home. I always feel sad leaving Liverpool as I always have a great time but my visits always go so quick. 

Hope you've enjoyed this blog, if you have any questions about where I've visited drop me a line 

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Footloose tour 2017


Hey Guys,
Welcome to the start of a busy week for me, first stop tonight was the start of my visits this year to the Footloose tour.
I've decided to do my evening on here but the actual show review will follow on Box Office Bloggers so click on the link n head over to check it out.

I often get asked if I've seen Footloose before and tend to make everyone laugh when I answer on which run of the show. Last year was my 10th anniversary of being a fan of the show and yes I can still recite the script and remember a lot of the routines.

If you haven't seen the show yet it's one that should be missed. The sheer skill of being able to roller skate and also play instruments just leaves me awe struck I can barely stay up on skates as it is.

I cant wait to sort out some more dates to get along to now and yes I know i'll be a regular visitor when the show arrives back in London later on this year.

It was a perfect girls night out last night

Let me know if you make it to any of the shows

Love Holly

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Keeping it in the Family book event - Waterstones Piccadilly Circus

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Part 1 of this blog featuring last nights visit to a special book event that took place at Waterstone's Piccadilly. 

I've been a big fan of Paige Toon since the release of her first book Lucy in the Sky back in 2007. 
After reading her latest Hidden Paige email which if you haven't signed up for yet it's completely worth it for the surprises and inside info that arrives in your inbox. 
I had to resist reading the first few chapters of the new book as I knew I'd be counting down to the book arriving and when it comes to new books especially from Paige I'm not patient at all.  

Last nights event featured Paige Toon author of The Last Piece of my Heart, Tamsyn Murray author of  Instructions for a Second hand heart, Holly Bourne author of And a Happy New Year and Rachael Lucas author of The State of Grace

It was a great evening listening to readings from each of the amazing authors and hearing about their experiences and what has influenced their books. I have to say my book list may or may not have doubled after the event as I really want to read all their books now.

I am also very happy and also very excited to have an advanced copy of Paige's new book The Last Piece of my Heart now and will be reviewing it with a blog to follow after the release date next week so make sure you check back for that. 

I'm now heading back to carry on with Paige's new book. This was one day I didn't mind traffic on the way to work to start reading it. So far I haven't wanted to put it down.

Have a great rest of the week 

Love Holly


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Cinema Times

Hey Everyone, 

So as I promised a few weeks ago here is a quick round up of some films i've been to see recently 

First up Fast 8

What can I say 
Firstly watching this film at the Wandsworth cineworld on their incredible 4DX screen was amazing. I've only seen one film last year with 4DX and the was the new Independence Day and only a small selection of the seats moved but with this well it was a whole different way to watch the film.
I think after the first 20 minutes where you get used to having all the different uses of the chairs and your brain works out you aren't on a rollercoaster ( the first big car race was a lot to take in) you really get in to the film. 
The story itself was brilliantly done from the start, if you haven't seen it yet and are a fan of the franchise you will not be disappointed. 
The films get better with each one that comes out and i'll be happily adding this to the blu-ray collection when its released.

next up Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Now if you know me well you'll know I am a big fan of Marvel. When the first film came out I really enjoyed but personally thought this one was better. I also want a baby Groot. I thought he stole the show from the start of the film. 
The film also has a very impressive cast list and if you haven't seen it yet some very special cameos. One being David Hasslehoff but to see more you'll have to get down to see this on screen. The sound track also lives up to the first film as well.

What films have you all been watching 

Love Holly 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Gardner Quad Squad

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to a new series which I'm hoping to do every few weeks featuring my favourite bloggers and vloggers that I follow

My first stop is the amazing Gardner Quad Squad

I came across this amazing family on You Tube a few weeks ago and ever since after following on social media have been watching a few videos every day to catch up on all the girls adventures.

I'm learning more about what Ashley and Tyson went through on their IVF journey with more of the videos that I watch. I've just finished the one where they take the girls back to the IVF clinic to meet the Doctors and Nurses there which is incredibly sweet to watch.

If you haven't seen any of the Vlogs head over to you tube and check out their channel. The videos are so well put together and just make you want to find out more and see what the girls are up to.

I think it's great to see what the family are up to especially in more recent videos as the girls are really growing up now. I did love the video this week of the girls being introduced to the drone and seeing them call it the Bee. The footage was super cute especially seeing them all wave up at it.

I love that the videos are a decent length to watch and that they make you feel like you've seen a lot of what they get up to and really look forward to see more in the future especially with the up and coming adventures with the new house

Don't forget to check them out on youtube for more of their story

Have a great weekend

Love Holly 


picture credit : Gardner Quad Squad

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A bit of a Size confusion

Hey Everyone, 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far especially with it being a short one thanks to the bank holiday last weekend.

So my blog this week is a fashion related one and how confused after a couple of recent visits to Primark I am over their size systems.

I've visited 3 different stores in the past week ( side note I've now discovered shopping after 8pm in Marble Arch is super chilled and not quiet as long as you don't mind the folding stations that are there to help clear up the store at the end of the day) 

Now on observation of my normal shopping habits I range between a 12 and a 14 depending on the store and also what the item is. Coats for example I go a size up so they will be comfortable and I can do them up as well, tops and jumpers I tend to stay at a size 12 and some trousers either a 12/14 depending on the shop.

When it comes to Primark well its a completely different challenge

I saw stated on a poster in the store last week that their sizes had been looked at

After walking round 3 different stores I've noted 




Now the first set of sizes I understand and they make sense once you've double checked they are on the correct hanger nothing like taking hope a medium to find it was actually and XS which I learnt again last week.

Now I come to the next set
Depending on what it is 10-12 is too small for me and 14-16 usually swamps me where is the logical thinking of the missing middle sizes of 8-10 and 12-14

I'm also stumped at the swim wear
What happens if you find a design you like but being a size 12 you need a bigger cup size? I could go for a size 16 for that but then it would be way too big and look silly.

I did also ask the question in store why they don't have an online option - with the answer of it wouldn't be cost affective I'm not sure I agree. For the people that don't like the crowds and still want to shop there I think it would work very well.

I know from other shops there is a size debate and would be interested to hear your feedback on experiences you've had and shops that cause an issue

Have a great rest of the week 

Love Holly