Footloose tour 2017


Hey Guys,
Welcome to the start of a busy week for me, first stop tonight was the start of my visits this year to the Footloose tour.
I've decided to do my evening on here but the actual show review will follow on Box Office Bloggers so click on the link n head over to check it out.

I often get asked if I've seen Footloose before and tend to make everyone laugh when I answer on which run of the show. Last year was my 10th anniversary of being a fan of the show and yes I can still recite the script and remember a lot of the routines.

If you haven't seen the show yet it's one that should be missed. The sheer skill of being able to roller skate and also play instruments just leaves me awe struck I can barely stay up on skates as it is.

I cant wait to sort out some more dates to get along to now and yes I know i'll be a regular visitor when the show arrives back in London later on this year.

It was a perfect girls night out last night

Let me know if you make it to any of the shows

Love Holly


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