Friday, 19 July 2019

Apollo 50

                    "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind."

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This week marks a very special part of Space history. 

July 20th 1969 

The historic day man first walked on the moon and Neil Armstrong spoke the historic line that has become one history's most remembered quotes. 

In the last couple of weeks I've managed to watch a few of the documentaries that have been showing here in the UK and also catch the Apollo 11 film here in the cinema. 

Everyone knows the story of the Moon Landing but I have to recommend 2 things for you to watch to be captivated by this story again. 

8 Days to the Moon, 
Currently on BBC I-player 
The programme shows the moon landing - with original footage and voice recordings from the start of the show you are taken in for the ride. The footage is brilliant put together and looks incredible on screen. It's something I really recommend for everyone to watch so make sure you add this to your watch list whilst it is available to watch.

Apollo 11
Next up is the actual Apollo 11 film that has been showing in cinemas over the last few weeks. Whilst the idea of the film is very similar to the 8 Days on the Moon it shows more of the story of what took place in Mission Control. The footage from Space is stunning in this film and well worth catching on the big screen if you can. Its one that will also be worth an add for anyone's blu-ray collection. 

Have you seen anything good about the Moon landing that you recommend watching, let me know below and also if you have seen the the show or film as well. 

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly 

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Taking in the view

Taking in the View 

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to the blog

So it's officially summer, the last few weeks in London especially have been lovely. I'll hold my hands up n say give me a warm day and a clear sky and i'll be out doors enjoying it.

Living in London I know from experience it's very easy to put your head down and get to where you need to be but sometimes if you stop to take in the view it can be pretty amazing.

London is full of some amazing history and places to visit but I am not ashamed to say I am that person who will stop and grab a picture of a sunset or a view. The sky really fascinates me as it is always different but with the view of different parts of London it makes it something else. 

Do you have places or views you like to visit? 

Drop a comment below and lets share some favourites for everyone to visit

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly