Saturday, 14 October 2017

Manners cost nothing

Hey Guys, 

I hope everyone has had a great week.

This wasn't a post I hadn't planned on posting but after an incident I witnessed tonight I've had to put pen to paper.

So this evening I was picking up some dinner on my way home when I could hear raised voices getting louder from the self service area of Lidl. 
It was loud enough to hush every person in the queues and bring security and other staff members running.
What made my blood boil was listening to the woman who was shouting laying in to the poor member of staff - accusation after accusation continued to fly. 
I'm sorry but at what point no matter how angry you are do you have any sort of right to swear, shout and lay on the abuse. 

After working in customer service for nearly half my life I've seen a lot and have taken a lot as well. You have to have a thick skin to take it but not let it get to you. I'm not going to lie and say I've walked away from every situation and just moved on, some days I had to walk away and let my anger out or also cry.
Staff no matter where they work are human.... Yes I know situations come up which don't please everyone but on the flip side people forget it's also the way you come at people that also can explain the response. I know some of my responses were sharp at times but I am a firm believer in something I've had drummed into me all my life 

" What you give out you get back"

It's simple, Manners really don't cost anything. Even saying to a member of staff How is your day going? can be a simple question but when you've been on your feet all day and dealt with a lot of people it can go a long way.
I honestly don't understand how people can be so rude, no matter where you are staff are doing their job and no body deserves to have to be treated like that. 

With Christmas fast approaching think when your out and about from shopping to office parties staff working are there to do their job but to also help you have a good time. If you have reason for complaint don't go in seeing red you will be more likely to get it sorted quicker if you do it constructively. Staff want to help also should be allowed to do their job the best they can to.

Thanks for listening guys 
Have a great week 

Love Holly 

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Thunderbirds Day 2017

Hey Guys, 

Hope you've all had a great week - I still cant get my head around that it's October tomorrow where did September go?

So today if you've seen some thing's I've been reposting on my twitter is officially Thunderbirds day - I can't believe this show is 52 years old. 
This show in my eyes really was so ahead of its time. I mean the idea of being able to see calls on your watch reminds me so much of the Apple watch's now.

So the first part of my Thunderbirds themed weekend started yesterday when I got a chance to go and see the special Thunderbirds themed pods currently running on the Emirates Air Line at the 02 arena in London.

If you've not been before its a very short walk from North Greenwich station. Its sign posted and a couple of minutes from the arena. There are a few ways of getting tickets but the easiest option is using contactless on your bank card for a return journey across the river as long as you swipe out the other side n have a short walk round to then make your way back. 
The Thunderbirds theme come from the new ITV show and there are special surprises on both sides of the River for big fans of the show. All the pods on the cable car have been themed to all the characters of the new show. I did enjoy having one of the Fab 1 Themed pods on the return visit. 
If you are looking for something different to do and want to check it out you've got till the end of Half Term to come n see the Thunderbirds theme running.

Todays Thunderbirds trip to the cinema was brilliant. There was a mixture of young and old fans in the screening I went to. I was lucky to get one of the new blu rays with the copies of the new episodes a few months ago but it was quite iconic seeing it on the big screen. The new ITV episodes were also great. I've been waiting a long time for the 2nd part of Season 2 to arrive and it made a welcome return to screens this morning. 
I have to give some of the effects a mention that are  coming up in what i hope is next weeks episode that was played in the cinema today. It pushes the boundaries of blending a cartoon and real life so far and each episode looks amazing. 

Its been great seeing ThunderBirds feature so much everywhere on social media the past few weeks. I really would love to see the original episodes and the new episodes with the puppets make it back on to the TV - with the success of the ITV show seeing the original episodes follow them back on to tv would bring a new generation of fans.

I've loved the past few days doing Thunderbirds themed things
Hope you have a great rest of the week 

Love Holly 


Saturday, 16 September 2017

A FAB filled Thunderbirds themed day

Hey Everyone, 

Firstly Happy Saturday I hope you have all had a great week

So todays blog is pretty Epic

If you know me well you know that one of my loves has always been Thunderbirds. Lady Penelope has always been my favourite character ( yes I've secretly wanted a pink car like FAB 1 ever since I was about 8) 

This month marks the 50th anniversary of Thunderbirds with some special events coming up which I will be attending starting with todays incredible trip to the Space Museum in Leicester to see a selection of the puppets, sets and the craft used in Thunderbirds and also from other shows produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. 

After a great journey from London I arrived at the Space museum which even my taxi driver said I should explore after I had seen the exhibition. 

Having a walk round I found puppets first from Captain Scarlet which I loved growing up and then on to the ones from Thunderbirds. 
Its so incredible after growing up with this show to actually see them in real life and see close up how much work has gone into them both in detail but also the costumes. Next to the first set of Thunderbird puppets was Scott in a set of Thunderbird 1 which was great to see close up.

Exploring a bit more I found some things from Space Precinct which is one show I would have loved to have seen more of as a kid and one day I will track it down on DVD to add to my collection.

Next up was some of the Thunderbirds set including Jeff Tracy's lounge with Jeff and Brains and then my highlight Lady Penelope and Parker in the lounge area of the mansion. I watched Stephen who is also the producer of the 3 new episodes of the show operating Parker before making my way to see Dee Anderson and her talk. 
The talk was a great tribute to the legacy of Gerry and Sylvia showing old photos and video clips. The highlight of the talk for me was hearing stories of the old days and things that Dee talked about that had happened as she was growing up.

After the talk was over I headed back to the Thunderbirds and what happened next literally became the highlight for me. Whilst talking to Steven about the new episodes Dee appeared next to me take some photos of Penelope and Parker.
After talking to both of them and telling Dee about how long I'd been a fan and how much I loved Penelope growing up I was so happy when Steven asked if I'd like a picture next to the models with Dee. To then make it even more incredible I got the chance to have a go at controlling Parker. 
To say this moment made my year is an understatement - my first impression was how heavy Parker was as a figure. I have a new found respect for anyone who has worked on the shows as that must take some training to do for any length of time.
After taking some great pictures I made my way round to see more of the models in a different part of the museum. 
For a trip down memory lane for fans this also included Stingray and the Thunderbirds craft.

After this I went for a look round the museum itself - the space rocket you can see from outside on the way in had caught my attention so i really enjoyed having a look at what was on offer.

If you are a lover of Space this place is one that should be added to your list to visit. I pretty much spent the whole day here and it was a lot of fun. There are things to do for all ages as well.

The museum itself is about a 10 minute taxi journey if your travelling to Leicester by train but also has great car parking outside and is accessible for families and disabled guests. 

Theres so many pictures i've taken today but I've put a selection in of some of my favourites. I've got a few more Thunderbirds themed blogs on the way so don't forget to check them out over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks so much reading this I hope you've enjoyed it 

Love Holly 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Footloose returns to the Westend

Hey Everyone, 

Hope you've all had a great week

So this week my favourite theatre show made a return to the WestEnd and of course I popped along to watch it.

I've seen the show many times both on tour and also on both its runs in the WestEnd but I've waited a long time for it to make a return for a stay in London.

This was my first visit to the Peacock Theatre and it was lovely, all the staff were great and the theatre itself I really felt suited the show. The theatre is a short walk from Holborn and also Charing Cross stations.
Bit of Footloose history Its first WestEnd run was just around the corner where Mamma Mia is now at the Novello Theatre.

The show was 5star from start to finish the whole cast on this tour are all incredible - playing instruments, singing, dancing, acting also in some cases even roller skating whilst doing the above I literally take my hat off to all of them for an incredible show. The energy from the show I saw on my visit to Wimbledon earlier this year is still there but there is something special having it back in London.

I really hope this can be a longer stint as its long over due a run back in London especially with this amazing cast.

The show is running till 30th Sept so make sure you grab a ticket and check it out - I know i'll be back in before it finishes

Have a great rest of the week 

Love Holly 

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Weekend Adventures - Game4Grenfell

Hey Everyone,

So this weekend has been a busy but a really good one. 

Yesterday was Game4Grenfell - a fundraiser match in aid of the Grenfell Tower tragedy that happened here in London earlier this year. The match took place at the QPR Football stadium which is a short distance from the tower with a host of Pro Footballers and celebrities coming together to make up the teams.
During the match they were joined by Fire Fighters and also residents. They were all given a standing ovation when they came on to the pitch to play. 
The game itself was really good and full of excitement the whole way through with the whole crowd getting involved with cheering everybody on.

Half time music came fro Emeli Sandi who was then join on the pitch by Rita Ora and Mumford and Sons for an amazing special performance.

The second half of the game bought more action before heading for penalties after the match had ended. 

The atmosphere continued throughout the whole game with everyone uniting for the cause and supporting all those affected from the towers.
To donate by phone text Grenfell to 70007 to donate £3 

The view from our seats was amazing and yes I will admit its the second match I've been to but really enjoyed it all

Hope you all have a great week 
Check back in the next few days there are a few blogs coming this week

Love Holly 

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend vibes

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying what in London is actually turning out to be a sunny bank holiday weekend.

After a few very busy weekends I’m currently enjoying a fairly quiet one so far. As I’m now back in business computer wise I’ve been catching up with some blog bits as I’ve been blogging off my phone for the past few weeks which has been good but its always nice to have a screen to use as well.

So yesterday involved a trip to B&Q to pick up some paint and bits for decorating, some colour swatch ideas for some more decorating that will follow and also some driving theory and practical books and L Plates. Yes that time which is long over due has come is nearer to being completed.

I tried a mock theory test for driving online last night to see what I knew and what I didn’t and it actually gave me a better score than I expected. I scored 37 out of 50 and needed 43 to pass which is a good start.
When my lessons start again I will feature them in a blog to keep you updated on my progress.

As for the rest of the weekend today is going to be a lazy day with some films and blogging work and enjoying some sunshine

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Love Holly

Saturday, 19 August 2017


Hey Everyone, 

Happy Saturday

I thought I'd put together a blog on my experience with shopping with MissGuided over the past few weeks.

I love the store in Stratford Westfield but last week popped online to see what things I could buy for the fast approaching Autumn season.

I stumbled across first these really comfy black sparkly trainers - I'm not a fan of shoe shopping at all but when i find things i like in my size i jump at the chance to get them.

I can't fault MissGuided and the speed of the delivery I've felt so let down recently with some online shopping with other brands when they say its next day and dispatches days later.

Following on its heals came this amazing grey jumper dress which is so comfy to wear and will team nicely with jeans and also leggings for some great outfits. 
The sizing is also a great fit and true to my size which is something thats great not to worry about. 
I loved the trainers so much I snuck in an order for the white pair which arrived super quick and on time.

You will receive a text alert when its on its way which is also a bonus.

I am so happy with the customer service I have received I will happy shop here again and also in the store as they both have a great selection. I love the store as somethings its better to try on but with everything thats been delivered I have no complaints at all.

Have a great rest of the weekend 

Love Holly