Friday, 20 July 2018

Give a Learner a chance

Hey Guys 

So today's blog stems off a driving experience last weekend.

I'm learning to drive and trying to get some practise in when ever I can now when I'm not having lessons. One thing has come to light more and more since I restarted my lessons is how nice most other drivers can be when they can see your a learner. It's only recently I've had a chance to practise away from lessons and last weekend despite have L plates both sides of the car I encountered my first set of angry drivers. 
After a great hour driving round I pulled up at a roundabout and did everything I needed to get ready to go again and luck just wasn't on my side and the car stalled again and again. Whilst I tried quickly every time to get going it took longer than I wanted. I have to say thank you to the drivers that waited nicely for me to get going again but to the person who sat their repeatedly sounding their horn next time maybe think there maybe a reason the traffic isn't moving as fast as you want. Everyone who drives has been through the stage of being a Learner and knows how upsetting it can be when people act like that. It also happened again a few minutes later and I cant thank the traffic attendant who was controlling the road closure I had to get round who came and held the traffic where the stalling issue happened again. Luckily the lady at the front of the queue gave me a massive thumbs up when I managed to get round the corner which made me feel a lot better. Small gestures of encouragement really do go such a long way.
So far I've seen people give me some extra space and not get too near to the car and also happy to wait when they see you out. Both from being in the driving instructors car to out practising it doesn't harm just to keep an extra eye out for a learner.

My poor brain has so much stuff to remember at the moment so any help is gladly taken. Not everyone takes to it the same way and are as confident as others and I know personally I'm determined to get to the end point and pass. 

My point of this blog is to ask to give all Learners a chance. It doesn't take anything to give them extra time in trying to do what they are doing trust me from the other side all learners will be and are very thankful.

Thanks for having a read and have a great weekend 

Love Holly 


Saturday, 14 July 2018

Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods tour - 02 arena London

Hey Everyone, 

Welcome to a long over due blog the past few weeks with work have made it hard to post but I am back properly now. 

First up this week was Justin Timberlake and the Man of the Woods tour. I've seen so many clips of the tour I was really excited to pick up a last minute ticket which turned out to be the most amazing view i've seen for a show there before.

As Justin's stage went from one end of the arena to the other there was no bad view at all for the show.
From the start of the show even after a late start from the football that was shown before the atmosphere never dipped and it was a great party vibe start to finish. From new songs to all the old hits I loved it. The show has easily gone in to my top 10 favourite shows I've seen. Justin is also one of the artists who you don't pay to see a concert you pay to see a show. 

The show visually was brilliant, from the screens and lighting to the live band making sure no one in the audience missed anything.

If you have a ticket booked for any of the dates on the tour you wont want to miss it. I had such a good time. It's been a while since I've seen Justin live but he is an incredible artist to catch on stage.

Hope you all have a great week 

Love Holly 

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Bath and Body Works Haul

Hey Everyone 

So today’s blog is about my new Bath and Body works haul

After discovering this store on my USA trip this time last year I’ve been finding ways to get friends who live in USA or any who have been heading there to bring me back products when they come back as at the moment you can’t order products for international delivery to the UK. 

Just before my trip to Milan at the weekend I remembered that there are a small amount of European stores and was very happy to find not only was there one in Milan it was a short walk from the hotel.

I love the deals this shop does, at Christmas my brother returned home from a trip with 7 amazing products for me buy 4 get 3 free I think the deal was but what a haul he came back with.

On this trip I stocked up on a few things and treated myself to a few others. I’ve wanted one of these candles for a long time and am a very happy shopper to now finally have one home.
Even just having the lid off makes my room smell amazing - I chose the Watermelon Lemonade one and absolutely love it.

The hand creams are great for carrying around in your bag they make my hands feel great and yes they also came from the watermelon range.

I’m loving the Coco Shea range the Cucumber foaming scrub has been great to use and in a short time has made a difference to my skin.

I picked up a couple of the body bars to try which both smell amazing once out the wrappers.

On a personal note I wish Bath and Body works would open some UK stores or at least start shipping to the UK. There is a good demand for products here. Not that I mind a trip to Milan but a UK store would be very welcome 

Hope you all have a great day 

Love Holly

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Milan - Mostly work but a bit of play

Hey Everyone,

Firstly apologies for the quietness on the blog work has been very busy the last few weeks all building up to last weekends visit to Milan.
It was mainly for a work event but I was lucky to get some time to explore the beauty of the city. 

The flight with British Airways was flawless both ways and have to thank all the staff for their great help especially on the journey back with our big group that was travelling home.

Milan was stunning, on arrival at The Grand Hotel we were met with amazing decor and incredible views. The hotel itself was beautiful from the moment you walked into the reception. I was so impressed with everything that was on offer. 

The rooms at the hotel was beautiful it was easily one of the nicest nights sleep I’ve had in a look time. I have to also comment on how beautiful the bathroom was. I love looking at different designs of rooms but it easily won points for having a balcony. The most amazing part of Friday evening was getting ready for dinner with the doors open and listening to a saxophone being played in the square outside.

On the Saturday we had some free time to explore, when leaving the hotel the receptionist asked if I wanted a map which I agreed to then be handed a shopping map. Complete bonus points for reception for quick thinking. The area round the hotel was lovely  to explore, seeing the old buildings and the trams running up and down the streets. There were a mixture of old and new trams but these were all old ones that ran on the streets near the hotel. 

Everything was so grand and well kept everywhere around the cathedral. 
The cathedral itself was a stunning building to see. Both during the day and at night the building just looked incredibly beautiful. It was very busy to try and get into visit but one day I would love to return and explore more.

The shopping went on for miles, there were lots of familiar shops but it was great to see lots of different clothes shops to see what hidden gems they had to purchase.

On the Sunday it was mainly a work day but the highlight was getting to visit the world famous La Scala.
We were incredibly lucky to be given a backstage tour of the venue where I was lucky enough to stand on the stage and see the view looking out at this incredible building.
The design and splendour the whole way through was just beautiful. It’s actually hard to get it into words seeing it from all different angles but if you ever get a chance to visit I promise you it is complete worth it.

On the Monday before our trip home we played tourist and took one of the tour buses around the city to see more of the incredible buildings and sites. 

The food throughout was amazing, this salad was actually apart from the pasta one of my favourite meals we had.

The whole visit even though it was short was full of incredible memories. 
The city is one that if you have the chance you should visit. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog 
Have a great rest of the week n enjoy the sunshine 

Love Holly 

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Getting fit with Fitness Vibe and JumpIn Trampoline Parks

Hey Guys

Welcome to a blog that's been in the making since the start of the year. 

Way back in Jan I made the decision to look for something fitness related that I would stick too. I never in a million years dreamt that I would find something I loved from the first lesson and and am now going to twice a week. 

I came across an advert on Facebook for Jump Fit classes being held at my local trampoline park here in Enfield and went along to try the class out. I've always backed away from anything I found intimidating especially when it's come to fitness but found soon into the class that I was really enjoying it and bought a pass for more classes at the end. 

Everyone I've met from these classes has been so welcoming. We all work together to help each other and each class is always a great laugh as well.

I stayed with the Tuesday Jump Fit classes which have been great for building up my fitness again each week I try and push a bit harder. This class was great to start off being low impact it is for all levels of fitness. For the first few weeks after the aches and complaints from my body I thought this would have put me off but it didn't and during April I decided to give Bounce Box a go on a Thursday. 
Bounce Box was a completely different level to try and its been great to have a variation of the classes. I've found myself booking a few weeks in advance to make sure I stick to this. 
On a personal level I've had a lot of things thrown at me and have come to look at these classes as more than just fitness as they have really helped me get out of my head when I've needed to.

I got back from holiday this week and despite everything that could have been thrown at me in the 48 hours I was back I did question if an early night was the best thing but made myself go to Bounce Box and actually felt so much better after.

It takes a lot to find something you enjoy and actually want to stick to especially when it comes to fitness. I have to say a massive thank you to Akilé and also Vicky for helping us push that little bit further each week. Its great when you see the results, if you haven't checked it out pop over to Jump In Enfield and book in for a session I promise you it's totally worth it. 

Also check out the rest of what the Fitness Vibe team have on offer over on the Fitness Vibe Website .

Thanks for reading, what have you been up to fitness wise this year drop a comment below. 

Have a great week 

Love Holly 

Monday, 21 May 2018

Tenerife Holiday blog - Part 3

Hey Guys 

Welcome to an exciting part of the Tenerife travel blogs. Despite the weather yesterday we had an incredible afternoon out on the Maxicat boats watching the Dolphins and whales.

We were picked up from the resort and taken down to the harbour where we boarded our boat for the afternoon. We’d chosen the 3 hour trip but there is also a 5 hour trip available as well. 

After Sailing for a while we were very lucky to get our first look at I’d say a good 12 dolphins swimming very close to the boat. 

Very soon after we came across a small pod of whales. It was so incredible to be able to see them so close up and see so many of them. You always hope you’ll see these incredible animals up close on the boats and this was totally worth a day trip to do. 

Even though it was chilly yesterday I have to give credit to all those who swam from the boat when we stopped later in the trip. It didn’t look warm at all.

I would completely recommend booking on the MaxiCat all the staff were lovely and the food provided during the trip were also very good. 

There are many places to buy tickets around the resorts and out and about. 

They do take official pictures when you board the boat which can be purchased as well. 

This was a lot of fun and will definitely book again when I come back over.

Thanks for reading 

Love Holly 


Friday, 18 May 2018

Tenerife Holiday blog part 2 - Summer Scents

Hey Everyone 

Welcome to the next part of my holiday blogs series from Tenerife - this time focusing on some new Perfumes that are our for the Summer.

I usually wait if I can to get my perfumes when I’m back in Tenerife. They have a massive selection not only at incredible prices but also a great variation to what you find in the UK. 
They have a selection of travel/bag size bottles and also deodorant and body wash versions to go with most of the main brands.

Now I usually tend to stock up brands I often wear but this trip have picked up two new perfumes. I looked at bigger sizes of these perfumes in duty free on the way here but got both the ones I wanted for €48 and also for sizes I can carry round in my bag which is what I was looking for.

Both the Abercrombie and Hollister perfumes have a lovely summer smell to them. They both smell really nice and fresh for the summer. Neither of them are over powering and so far after testing them still have a strong smell a few hours later that haven’t faded away. 

What summer perfumes have you chosen this year - leave me a comment below it’s great to see what everyone is choosing for the summer months 

Thanks for reading 

Love Holly