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An Interview with Joanne Clifton talking about her new project Beyond Lockdown Empire

Hey Everyone,
Welcome back to the blog.
We are very lucky to have an interview with Joanne Clifton talking about her new project Beyond Lockdown Empire.
Starting Saturday 30th May Joanne Clifton, Sasha Latoya and Katya Jones launch a brand new amazing 7 day online course which is one you won't want to miss. The best thing is about this course is its not just for performers and anyone can take part and go at their own pace. From singing to dance classes there is a wide range of topics, the girls will be online to coach and talk about your experiences as well as their own. 
With it being the day before the launch Joanne Clifton has very kindly agreed to answer some questions about the project for us.
Hi Jo,
Thank you so much taking part in this 
-Thank you for having me !
The idea for this course is fantastic, can you give us some insight on how it has come together?
Well Sasha, Katya and I are best friends so we always FaceTime every night and have a chat. We got into chatting about our own…

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