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Cineworld Cinemas

Cineworld Cinemas
Hey Everyone, 
So with Autumn firmly here and Winter on the horizon it's time to find things to do that involve staying out of the stormy wet weather the UK has been experiencing over the last few weeks.
I've had a Cineworld card for over 10 years now and personally think it's a must and completely worth the money for what you get. When you break it down what is not to love about watching films on the big screen unlimited times. You also get great discounts on 3D, Superscreen, D-Box, 4DX, Screen X and Event Cinema showings as well. After a year when you are upgraded to your Premium card you will then be allowed in the 3D screenings for free as well. 
A great perk of the card I think are the Unlimited Advance Screenings. If you receive the Cineworld newsletter you will receive the details of the preview screenings which gives you the chance to see new films before anyone else.
Going to the cinema can work out expensive when it comes to Food and Drink but having…

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