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Lumiere Candle Stick Light - Review

  Lumiere Candle Stick Light - Review  Ordering  Lumiere was ordered from   at the end of November and arrived the next day as promised by the website on Black Friday Sale week. I've ordered many times over the years with Truffleshuffle and can not fault their delivery turn around no matter what time of the year it is. Lumiere is currently £34.99 and can be found by the following link   Lumiere - TruffleShuffle Delivery  There was no issue with the packaging both inside the box and what the box arrived in and it was perfectly looked after by the courier. You should receive up to date tracking information from when your parcel is on its way to its arrival on the day of delivery. Unpacking  Once out of the box you will need a screwdriver to open the battery compartment for the 3 AAA batteries. These do not come included to make sure you have some available.  Once these are loaded then Lumiere is ready to go. Something worth noting is the bo

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