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Disney on Stage - Pop Up Experience - Covent Garden

  Disney on Stage - Pop Up Experience - Covent Garden If you are a Disney fan this is for you.  With just a short walk from Covent garden station you will find the brand new Disney Pop Up Experience. With outfits and props from   Mary Poppins ,   Aladdin,   Beauty and the Beast ,   The Lion King   and   Frozen   it's great to see what they have on offer at the exhibition.  It was great to see the costumes up close as often in shows you don't get to see the detail and hard work put into them. I think my favourite were Belle's dress from Beauty and the Beast and also Elsa's dress from Frozen.  The exhibition itself wasn't as long as I would have liked but would recommend it to anyone to see.  If you don't have tickets already please keep an eye on  Disney tickets This review is also featuring on  Box Office Bloggers  

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