Loch Lomond Boat Tour


Loch Lomond Boat Tour 

There is so much to see and do whilst visiting Scotland. For our visit over the weekend we decided to see some more of the stunning beauty of Loch Lomond near where we were staying by taking one of the boat rides available for a tour of the Loch. 

We decided on the 2 hour Island Discovery Cruise so we could see as much of the view as possible on the trip. 

Whilst you can book tickets online which I would highly recommend doing if during the holidays so not to miss out we purchased ours on arrival from the team. We were advised to wait by the boat as boarding would begin shortly. 

On a side note there is a car park available at the dock and we had no issue parking it is worth making sure you plan ahead for peak season to make sure you have a space. 

Once onboard we got seats upstairs and got ready for the boat to set sale. It left shortly afterwards and we were on our way. After a short safety announcement we were treated to commentary throughout by Neil Oliver who is a Scottish broadcaster and writer. 

On the boat we were on there was space at the front for you to stand and take in the view. This is something totally weather dependent which we learnt as the rain arrived luckily right at the end of the trip. 

As the boat travels along the Loch you can see views for miles of the incredible scenery and also the islands in the middle. If you look close enough we were told there were also Wallabies as well who live as natives on one of them. 

The whole trip was lovely and I would recommend this is you are near by for a visit. All the details for the trip we took are on the link below - this also includes other cruises that they run as well.  

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