Wednesday, 29 March 2017

42nd Street

42nd Street

Friday 24th March
Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Hey Guys,
Welcome to my review on 42nd Street, I have to say since I knew I was going to the show for a family night out I've been very excited after hearing amazing things on how good this show is and trust me nothing disappointed.

Now I love dance and choreography and managed to resist watching more on You Tube but knew the dancing in the show was something that just had to be seen.

The show had only been open a few days but the energy from the opening number and the cheer that followed had me captured. As the show continued each number had exceptional choreography and all the dancers of the incredible cast were amazing.

The costumes in each part of the show were incredible. The design work that has gone into the costumes I think made the dance scenes that more special.

I had many favourite parts of the show so choosing my favourite is actually hard.
I think my top two would be the choreography when the mirror raises above the dances and the finale.
The energy every single member of the cast had was outstanding for this.

I think by the time the first half had finished I wanted to rate the show 5 stars. It's not often I've decided I want to book again by the interval but I could happily watch this and it's totally makes you want to take up tap dancing.

Having spoken to a great member of staff on my way out of the show I am actually in awe of how good everyone was with 4 weeks of dance rehearsals. You really have to see it to believe how good everyone is.

It was really nice to be back in this theatre.  This has always been one of my favourite to come to and I think after doing the tour earlier in the year of behind the scenes it was great to see a new show here.

If you are a theatre merchandise collector like me I was really impressed with the selection they had on offer so early in the run.

I will definitely be looking into a return visit as soon as possible and put 42nd Street on the top of my recommendations list for West End Shows for 2017 at the moment.

Let me know your thoughts when you've been

Have a good rest of the week

Love Holly

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Friday, 17 March 2017

Tale as old as time

Beauty and the Beast

Am currently on my way home now with the soundtrack from one of the best films I've seen in a long time.
Disney you've done yourselves proud with this remake and I will be singing Be Our Guest to myself for a while.
From the moment it starts if you grew up with this film you will feel an air of magic straight away.
The cast are just phenomenal from the start and completely do the original justice.
I'm not giving spoilers away but all I'll say is I personally think the Be Our Guest sequence is one of the best of things in the film.
No matter what age you will enjoy this film. It looked stunning in 3D from the very start ( don't forget your 3D glasses you are in for a treat)

I have to give a nod to the incredible cast they are all perfect for their roles and this film will welcome a whole new generation of fans and love for this Disney classic.

The soundtrack includes all the famous timeless classics along with some lovely new additions which just fit perfectly into the film.

I'll hold my hands up now and say i'll most probably be back at the cinema over the weekend for another view.

Is it too early to order the DVD?

If you get to watch let me know and leave a comment on the blog with your thoughts on the film.

Have a great weekend

Love Holly

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Spring Jacket Challenge

Morning Everyone, 

So it's that time of year when you play the game of what jacket do you take when you leave the house in the morning.
I mean the weather really doesn't know how to make it's mind up at the best of times so it's down to us to play the game of how many layers do you dare leave the house with.
Yesterday morning for example
Cold n chilly in the morning but sunny, I take my big jacket with me. Come to lunch time sunny but super warm (yes the sun was still out) 
This morning not so cold but in between the rain showers. According to the news next couple of days it'll be warmer before a polar vortex hits......
Today I'm braving my biker jacket and bringing along the trusty umbrella to join my sunglasses in my bag (always be prepared)
This jacket is great and such a good cut for a biker jacket. I always tend to go a size bigger for a more comfortable fit and Zara has done really well with this design. Would really recommend it if you are looking for a new biker jacket this year.
Going for a mixture of BooHoo and Zara today
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Have a great rest of your day
Love Holly 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Where I am

Hey Everyone, 

Hope you are all having a good week so far

So the past few weeks have been pretty different and a challenge for me and I'm hoping this blog will kind of explain where my head is right now.

I tried to start this as a week by week blog but it didn't come across in words at all how I wanted it too.

2017 has well its thrown me some massive curve balls. At the start of the year well 19 days into the year I made a hard choice to stick to my decision of leaving my job and the building i've pretty much called home for the past 12 years. 
It was a hard choice and even now it hurts as to how it ended and I miss my friends that have been in my life every day and who i'm not used to not seeing every day. Its something I am really struggling with.
I don't think I'll ever be happy with how things have happened. I know things happen for a reason and I know I have a chance to find something I want and not that I have to take but it's really not easy. 

This job hunt I am finding really testing, I think for getting through some of these application forms you should get an interview as they are a challenge in there self.

I find some days easier than others and also some night times easier when my mind wants to sleep but some nights its not great.

I'm hoping luck will go my way soon and I'll understand what this curveball is that 2017 has decided to throw at me. 

I'm working on a couple of blogs which will be up soon but for now I wish you a great rest of the week

Love Holly x