Saturday, 23 December 2017

A letter to myself 12 months ago

Dear 2016 self

So here I am at the end of 2017

I know every year you name a photo album on Facebook for the up and coming year and if anything 2017 should have been called curve ball. 
This year will be full of challenges for you. 
One of the biggest being learning to start again. Don't be afraid as you will make it out the other side with a smile on your face.
What has been your routine for many years will change but you will make a choice and stick up for yourself and what you believe in. Don't be afraid to have an opinion that is different. Everyone is different and people will respect you for it.

You will do lots of different things in the up and coming months. The dreams you've had for years of visiting places across the world will come true. You will see lots of places that you've seen in films and on TV shows and make some incredible memories. 
You will meet friends you've known online across the world and travel further than you ever have before. 

You will see how incredible your close friends are when you need them and how much laughter can make your sides hurt on great days out and catch ups.

Experiences will come your way and you will get the chance to do things you've wanted to do since you were young.

Don't be afraid in wanting to take your time in deciding how you want to start again. Everything happens for a reason and this time is yours for the taking now.

2017 will test you with many challenges but it will show you how well you can handle things and how strong you are

Love your 2017 self

2017 Best Nine

Hey Guys, 

Happy Christmas

If you've been following some of my Instagram posts this week I've been posting some of my favourite photos of 2017 ( it's been a massive challenge to actually select 9 ) 

Following on from the picture here are the stories behind them

A few months ago I came across a tweet about an exhibition in Leeds featuring the puppets and crafts from Thunderbirds and other shows from Gerry Anderson. Being a massive Thunderbirds Fan it was a complete no brainer to book train tickets and head up there to have a look. I think if i could have reached an inner child geek level at any point in my life this was the day. Being offered the chance to operate Parker was so much fun. 

Ultimate Selfie 
I managed the ultimate selfie of the year. The photo challenge i'd given myself for Disney in LA was a picture with Mickey and Minnie which I was so happy to do but as it wasn't too busy I took the chance to grab this selfie as well.

Backstreet Boys in Vegas
What can I say this show was incredible. It came up in conversation towards the end of last year and not only did I make it to Vegas seeing the show really made the trip very special. It was a complete trip down memory lane but one I really enjoyed.
If you get a chance to see this show you wont regret it.

The Grand Canyon
This has been a place I've always wanted to visit. After a long coach journey the day was incredible. The view is something that looks incredible in pictures but when your actually there trust me when I say pictures don't do it justice. One thing I found baffling was how it was cooler there than in Vegas itself. It's a place I will always rate high up on my travel bucket list that I am so happy I got to do.

Girls Days Out
This year has been one thats bought a lot of laughter and great days out with friends. This was one of my favs of a get together with friends in London on a lovely summers afternoon. 

Disney Land LA 
This part of my USA trip was incredible. I've wanted to visit here since I can remember. Having visited Paris a few times to make it to the West Coast was another one off the Travel Bucket list. There is so much more I want to see there one day the parks are huge but so much fun. 

Gymnastics World Cup London
I had so much fun watching the Gymnastics when the Olympics were on in London in 2012 I couldn't pass up the chance to see this take place. It was a long day but watching both the competitions that day was an incredible experience. Watching the second part of the day from the Sky Bar made the day that more special.

This next picture is one of my favourites of the year , it was taken at a friends wedding at the end of the summer. I don't often do getting dressed up often but I loved it for this day.

Last but not least was this years visit to Friends Fest in London. Last years was a lot of fun they took the feedback on board and made it better this year. We had a lot of fun taking pictures and sitting in the sun watching Friends. 

I hope you've all enjoyed these pictures and the stories behind them
Have a great rest of the weekend on the run up to Christmas

Love Holly 

Monday, 11 December 2017

This is How We Bingham

Hey Guys, 

Hope you are all good and looking forward to Christmas 

Today's blog features the amazing This is How We Bingham. For those of you who didn't catch my Fav Vlogger / Blogger series earlier in the year you can check out where I featured them here This is How We Bingham Fav Vlogger/blogger series

If you haven't already checked them out head over to You Tube and look up them up now. I love watching their daily vlogs and adventures. If you ever wanted inspiration for Vlogging look this amazing family up.

A few weeks ago I made an order on their online shop This is how we Bingham shop the whole process is great from start to finish. At first my browser didn't want to play ball but once the transaction went through its taken 12 days to arrive here in the UK which this close to Christmas I am so impressed with. I can't wait to make another order in the New Year.

With how cold it is in London at the min I think I may live in this hoodie its so warm and the sizing is perfect. 

Don't forget to pop over and check their channel out

Have a great rest of the week guys I've got a few posts lined up so pop back in the week to check them out