Thursday, 31 March 2016

Colour Splash

Afternoon everyone 

Could it at last be time to be brave and say Spring is trying its hardest to appear

The clocks have changed and this usually along with more daylight means a change in the weather. 
Ok we will sideline the storm that swept in over the last day of Easter weekend which by lunch time left no trace. I got to work soaked through but come lunchtime the sun was shining and it was like it had never happened. 

What I have noticed is along with Spring arriving colour is on its way back in people's clothes. 
It's great to see we all hide away in dark clothes over the winter. There's not much daylight but now the days are longer there's colour creeping back.

I love the colour pink but prefer anything with electric pink or magenta in it. I have a range of scarfs, bags and shoes with the colour running through it. My new favourite nail varnish from Models Own is electric pink and from a recent discovery at work under the blue UV lights we have actually glows really bright as well.

I'm really looking forward now to summer arriving and more colours emerging.

Thanks for reading 
Love Holly x

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tuttons - Covent Garden

Hey everyone

So a few days ago my adventures took me to Covent Garden to visit Tuttons for a lovely family meal.

If you haven't been before you can find Tuttons next to the London transport museum. 
From the moment we entered I was genuinely really impressed by the energy from all the staff. I work in customer service myself so know when any staff are genuine. 
All the staff were lovely and happy to help with a lovely energy. At one point the area we were in became quite busy and some of the windows were opened. It wasn't that it was cold but the draft became a bit much and once I approached someone for help in shutting it he was happy to have it closed without a problem and opened one further away so it wouldn't bother us.

Next came the incredible food. 
I ordered the Shepards pie from the menu. When it arrived I was really happy to see it had lamb instead of mince in it. The presentation of the whole meal was very well done. It was also a perfect portion size. I've been to many places before where it's either too much or to little but this meal was perfect. From the 3 of us in our party that had the meal it was all a big thumbs up from us. My only thought for it was some gravy would have been great with the meal but it was still brilliant as it was. 

I'm really looking forward to going back soon for another meal. 
Big thank you to all the staff for making our family visit really lovely.

Love Holly x

Monday, 28 March 2016

Hidden Places to Visit - Nylon Lounge Bar o2 arena London

Evening everyone

Hope everyone's had a great Easter weekend. 
So my blog tonight is a hidden gem I came accross the o2 arena last night. 

For those who have attended any event at the arena know how quickly all the bars and restaurants fill up. 
Last night on a girls night out to see Little Mix I was introduced the Nylon Lounge Bar. 
Whilst waiting for our food we decided a drink was due. I've got to admit I've been fast the bar but not ventured in

From the moment you walk up the stairs to enter it transports you to the departure gate for a great evening.
The bar has an airport style theme from Virgin Atlantic and Delta which runs through out the bar. 
The bar had a range of couches, chair and bar seats all very comfy I have to add. All the staff I spoke too were lovely from the moment you arrive to when you order your drinks. 
I've always been fascinated by bar tenders when they make cocktails it's a very clever skill to watch. 
The bar offers a wide range of drinks  and for a girls night out a great range of cocktails both alcoholic and non.

If you are heading down to the arena I'd recommend a visit to the Nylon Lounge Bar for a great start to your evening.

Thanks for reading n have a great week
Love Holly x 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

For the love of shoes

Afternoon everyone

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday. Without scaring it off it seems Spring is trying to wake itself up at last. Am happy as it finally means we can go from heavy winter shoes back to summer ones.

For those who know me know my complete dislike for shoe shopping. It's not that I don't like shopping since my teen years I've been blessed with size 8 feet. Most shops don't stock sizes over 7 for women or if they do you have to strike lucky and pounce on them as soon as you see them.

The way my luck usually plays with shoes is 9 times out of 10 is I will find everything I want in my size usually the weekend or the day before payday.
My mum has been on the tail end of purchasing multiple pairs of shoes to help me over the years as the way luck works with shoes if they aren't purchased then and there my size will vanish into a void of shoes that only surfaces again a few months later.

I'm not a huge fan of any high shoes I can just about manage a few hours in heels before something more comfortable has to be worn.
I'm much happier in trainers, converse, my Uggs or my flats.

After going for a walk to see the new shoes in my local office store this morning which has now lead to at least four sets of shoes added to my never ending shopping list of things that I want to buy.

If you haven't been in recently ladies I really recommend the new cherry blossom trainer range. Nike have won me over with this now I just have to do decide on which design I want most. Check out the Air Max, Cortez and Classic Cortez.

I've only in the past few years got into Converse shoes. My first pair came to be bought when being caught out in the rain last Janruary my boots I was wearing decided at the point to both start to leak and with soaking feet these came into my life.

They are great for winter with being fur lined and keep your feet really warm. My second pair came when on sick leave last year I was making myself go for a walk each day and wondered into office (can you see a pattern here - this is what happens having your favourite shoe shop minutes from your house) I'd wanted a black pair for ages and knowing my luck with sizes I wasn't expecting much. My face when the lady returned with not one but five boxes of these shoes in different colours..... This never happens but I was good and only left with one pair.

Can't fault the staff at all in the Enfield store. They are always happy to help and on hand what ever day you pop in.

Here's hoping when I go back the stars will align with a size 8 in the Nike trainers. It's time for new shoes.

Have a great Tuesday

Love Holly x

Monday, 21 March 2016

Chill time

Happy Monday everyone

So after a busy weekend out and about in London and a busy day at work I now have a few days of Down time before the busiest weekend of the year kicks off at work.
My thoughts for the next few days are mainly chill time and just having some time to myself.
I was taken ill in November with a severe kidney infection and during the recovery for that it made think and realise that you need to listen to your body and when it needs some down time it's ok to stop.

Everyone of us have routines in our lives - from travel to your daily lives and work. I spend a good 2 hours a day on trains. This part of the day is when I like to zone out and even if it's just taking in some day light or looking at what's around me outside or even delving into a book I don't mind travelling.

For many years I've always used my walk to the station in the morning as my quiet time. No music or phones just me and the silence around me.
Where I live now has some lovely quiet routes to the station. Now that Spring is here I walk through the park more. It's a short walk but the silence is so welcome in the morning.

Over the next couple of days I've chosen some of my favourite films to watch and have picked a couple of my favourite books to get through and also plan to catch up on some sleep.
Sleep is a great thing but nap time is a welcome bonus.

I hope you all have a lovely week

Love Holly x

Saturday, 19 March 2016

London Designer Outlet Centre - Wembley

So today's adventure takes me towards North West London and a visit to the London Designer Outlet centre next to Wembley Stadium.

For those who haven't visited before it's a short walk from Wembley Park station on the Jubilee and Metropolitan line and also has good parking facilities next to the centre and the arena so you don't have to walk far with your shopping.

The centre itself has some great shops, if your looking for trainers make sure you visit the Adidas and  Nike store for some amazing deals. They both stock a wide range of sizes which is great for bigger shoe sizes. Most shops don't cater for women with shoe sizes over a size 7 so it's nice to find a good selection in both stores.

Other stores I like in the centre are the big Gap and Next stores. They always have a good stock of clothes at very good prices. For those fans of Super Dry I highly recommend a visit to the store here too I often find stock here at great prices - ideal if your looking for holiday clothes.
Talking of holidays with Spring waiting around the corner it's worth paying a visit to the Sunglasses Hut for some great deals. They stock many brands, I have my eye on some Ray Ban aviators.

If your looking for somewhere to eat there are a number of great restaurants in the centre. My favourite being Frankie and Bennys. The food is always lovely and I find the staff and restuarant a lovely place to visit.

Today is a bit of a chill out day though so it's time to use the Cineworld card and visit the cinema. I've visited the Cineworld here a few times now and always find it very clean with lovely staff on hand. Today's visit to see London has Fallen was really enjoyable. The cinema wins the awards for the best leg room I think I've ever seen in a cinema could stretch my legs out n still not reach seat in front in the row we were in.

Looking forward to popping back in a few weeks after the Easter holidays n after payday n may or may not visit some shoe stores when I am there.

Hope everyone's had a great weekend
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Love Holly x

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Introducing me

A year ago I started blogging about one of my major loves which is Theatre. Since then I've been playing around with other blog ideas in my head and thought I'd give this a go

Welcome to my adventures

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So about me
I'm 33 from London. When I'm not in the depths of a Westend show I can usually be found out and about on adventures. I'll blog about some of my music adventures at a later date I promise. I also work with a lot of famous figures - those who know me will know what I mean. In between looking after tourists on a daily basis I'll let you know what I get up to.

I'm a big fan of taking pictures so do check out my snapchat and Instagram.

I hope you enjoy the blogs I post and don't forget you can check my theatre tales on @boxoffice_blog on Twitter

Have a great evening

Love Holly X