Chill time

Happy Monday everyone

So after a busy weekend out and about in London and a busy day at work I now have a few days of Down time before the busiest weekend of the year kicks off at work.
My thoughts for the next few days are mainly chill time and just having some time to myself.
I was taken ill in November with a severe kidney infection and during the recovery for that it made think and realise that you need to listen to your body and when it needs some down time it's ok to stop.

Everyone of us have routines in our lives - from travel to your daily lives and work. I spend a good 2 hours a day on trains. This part of the day is when I like to zone out and even if it's just taking in some day light or looking at what's around me outside or even delving into a book I don't mind travelling.

For many years I've always used my walk to the station in the morning as my quiet time. No music or phones just me and the silence around me.
Where I live now has some lovely quiet routes to the station. Now that Spring is here I walk through the park more. It's a short walk but the silence is so welcome in the morning.

Over the next couple of days I've chosen some of my favourite films to watch and have picked a couple of my favourite books to get through and also plan to catch up on some sleep.
Sleep is a great thing but nap time is a welcome bonus.

I hope you all have a lovely week

Love Holly x


  1. Hi Holly! My name is Patty Cifra. I live in Los Angeles, California. I found your blog through your Uncle Keith's Facebook link. I think your blog is very good. You write an honest description of your everyday life. It seems you are a calm, peaceful person, and treasure your quiet time. I agree, I like quiet time too! It helps you to think. It's not easy to find quiet in our noisy world, especially if you live in a big city, but seems you have found it on your morning walks. Writing a blog's a good way to clarify your thoughts and feelings. I hope you'll continue. A little about me...I'm a caregiver for my husband Gary, who is in wheelchair, who was a former rockclimber. I'm helping my husband Gary write a blog called "Wheelchair Gary Stories" about his life. Together we give workshops in sequential art (aka comic books) to schoolkids encourage reading and creative writing. I'm also a film student and make short films about our friends with disabilities. I like to tell stories about people who are social "outsiders". I'm a punk fan and wrote a punk love story. If you'd ever care to read it I'd be happy to send you a scene or two. One of the main characters was inspired by your Uncle Keith, but I realized I would have to change that in order to protect his privacy, so I have changed the character and modified the story. It's a story about three teenage musicians growing up in the 1970's, and includes many of the situations teenagers go through growing up, and their emotional ups and downs. Well, anyway, I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your blog, keep up the good work!


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