Colour Splash

Afternoon everyone 

Could it at last be time to be brave and say Spring is trying its hardest to appear

The clocks have changed and this usually along with more daylight means a change in the weather. 
Ok we will sideline the storm that swept in over the last day of Easter weekend which by lunch time left no trace. I got to work soaked through but come lunchtime the sun was shining and it was like it had never happened. 

What I have noticed is along with Spring arriving colour is on its way back in people's clothes. 
It's great to see we all hide away in dark clothes over the winter. There's not much daylight but now the days are longer there's colour creeping back.

I love the colour pink but prefer anything with electric pink or magenta in it. I have a range of scarfs, bags and shoes with the colour running through it. My new favourite nail varnish from Models Own is electric pink and from a recent discovery at work under the blue UV lights we have actually glows really bright as well.

I'm really looking forward now to summer arriving and more colours emerging.

Thanks for reading 
Love Holly x


  1. Well done, Holly! This blog was so nice to read, with its cheerful subject of the return of spring and color. Your blogs give me the impression of an article in a young woman's magazine, like Elle or Marie Claire. You could be a professional writer for a fashion magazine or website, I think. I like your personal recommendations of products you've tried, they're helpful, and I like how you accompany your blog with your photos. My favorite color is magenta pink too, it was my favorite Crayola crayon in the crayon box!

  2. Ooh fab post Holly - I love the colour of that jack wills polish!!


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