Saturday, 24 December 2016

New Look - Click and Collect

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Christmas Eve,

I just thought I'd post a quick blog on my recent visit to New Look on Bond Street in London and their great "Click and Collect" service

I've been searching for a new winter coat for the past couple of winters and finally came across it this October. Since then I've seen it twice in store and tried without luck to find it online till earlier this week. 
Much to my delight you can also use Paypal on the New look website which I think helps making transactions so much quicker. 
To save postage and to make sure I was able to pick it up and not be swallowed by the worlds longest post office queue I chose to pick it up after work 2 days later from the nearest store to my work in London. 
I've not used the service before but found the staff lovely to deal with. It also helps having a designated desk downstairs for the pick up point instead of being caught queuing for no need upstairs.

The staff were great and I was helped and had my coat in a matter of minutes and on my way home. The coat itself is so amazingly warm. 
So far I've seen two versions of it - the Khaki Borg Lined one has just gone into the sale on the website but the black one which I got is now out of stock but keep an eye for it to come back soon.

I'll be using the Click and Collect service again now knowing how easy it was to use and how much hassle its saved me to finally get the coat I wanted.

Hope you all have an amazing Christmas 

Love Holly 

Monday, 19 December 2016

Skinny Dip London

Hey Everyone, 

Hope everyone is well and enjoying up the run up to the festive season. Its most certainly crept up now being at the end of this week.

So I thought for my blog tonight I'd turn my attention to some of my favourite brands and for this blog i'll be concentrating on Skinny Dip London.

I stumbled across the brand a few weeks ago on my visit to Harrods and was really taken with a lot of their items on display.
Some of my favourites ranging from the beauty brushes and also the bags. Even though I didn't have a lot of time to look the items I liked stuck in my head.

A couple of weekends ago whilst doing a round of Christmas shopping at Brent Cross in North London I came across the first Skinny Dip store with all the products i'd seen online and at Harrods all in one place. 
I think pretty much all the items in the store are things I could buy and use. What I love about the brand is each item is quirky and different. 
Having just got my IPhone 7 I have been looking for a nice different cover and struck gold with the ones I found in the store.
Sadly they didn't have any for the 7 in stock but I was able to judge the fit by testing it in the iphone 6 version. 
On a side note I have to mention how lovely the staff were in the shop with helping me and up selling the items and seeing if there was anything else I needed.

On returning home I went for a look on the website, if you haven't had a look yet check out 
The website I think Is very clean and easy to navigate with your purchases. A bonus is always having the chance to pay with paypal especially when wanting to make a quick payment with out hunting for your card details.

My order for my phone cover was quick and easy to do and even with the christmas post which has held everything up was still despatched and with me with in four working days which I was really impressed with. Even the delivery came in a lovely silver packet which was nice to brighten up the post.

Im looking forward to making my next purchase in time for my birthday in a couple of weeks time.

Thanks for reading

Love Holly x

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Winter Round up - Disney Cafe, Winter Wonderland and Bubba Gumps

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all good.
I thought I'd do you a round up of what I got up to last week.

Wednesday was a long over due catch up with my friends I went to Disney Land Paris earlier in the year with. Where else for this catch up but the Disney Cafe in Harrods.

On arrival we were excited to find out it had been redone and is now the Toy Story Cafe. I can't recommend it more and the theme all through the cafe is just brilliant. The food was brilliant. I'll be honest and say we did have an issue with two of the meals but it was very quickly sorted and didn't ruin anything to do with our visit at all. The staff all deserve a credit in there for being very professional and I look forward to going back soon.
Of course we had to take some pictures on our visit which was also great fun.

Next stop of the day was Winter Wonderland only a short journey from Harrods. We'd decided to go late afternoon so we could leave at a decent time and avoid the crowds later in the evening. I have to say I was really impressed with the new layout this year. Making the space bigger was a great call as the previous layout had really lost itself to the crowds coming in and this really made the visit more enjoyable.
We chose to do two rides, the first being the big wheel. We timed this perfectly as the sun was just going down and this gave us an incredible view across London. After a festive drink in the Bavarian village which this year is huge we went on a walk round and then made a visit to the Dodgems. I thought it was completely worth its money as we got at least 8/10 mins on it which was great instead of being rushed straight off again.
My top tip for visiting is the ride tokens need to be bought at booths around the park but totally recommend the cash point in Hyde Park corner station to save hunting down the machines in the park.
We made our exit after this and a great few hours in the park to avoid the crowds going back to the station which was a good plan as we only had to wait a couple of mins to get back on a train. Hyde Park corner do handle this very well so we didn't mind the wait.

Next up last week was a great catch up with the girls at Bubba Gump's in Piccadilly Circus. For those who haven't been its all themed from the Forrest Gump film and the food is just amazing. We all had a great selection of food between us. This is my 3rd visit and each time I try not to admit defeat with the food but its cleverly filling but we all enjoyed it. The service was great even though there was a short wait for the table we didn't mind at all. 
I really recommend it as a place to visit for a great evening out. 

Hope you all have a great week

Love Holly x

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Bond in Motion


Hey Guys,
Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far and not caught up in the shopping madness thats really kicked off this weekend.
So yesterday afternoon I managed to finally make it to the London Film Museum in Covent Garden to get a chance to see the Bond in Motion Exhibition. I stumbled across this earlier in the year when I noticed the Day of the Dead float inside whilst waiting for a friend.
Am ashamed its taken me this long to get to see it but was completely worth the wait.

The Museum entrance is just off Covent Garden and a bit further down from Tuttons and Costa Coffee.
First thing I noticed on entry was how nicely set out it was. After paying for my ticket on the door (ticket price for an adult was £14.50 but I felt it was a decent price) the member of staff who served it directed me upstairs to start my tour and then to continue on back down to the floor downstairs after.

Its worth noting there was lift access to all levels for wheelchairs and also pushchairs.
After a look upstairs at some of the design work I made my way downstairs and a look at all the film cars. 
If you are a massive fan of all things Bond then this is where you will be in your element. They have a wide range of cars and items featured in the films. I ventured off towards the cafe which had a great selection of behind the scenes pictures from the Spectre movie.
I had the feeling i'd missed things so doubled back into the museum n found a lot more to see. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes part of Spectre showing what had happened to the cars in filming and also some props from the films and costumes as well.

The whole exhibition is easy to navigate round and even for a Saturday was fairly quiet and you had space to move around in your own time. I was there for just over an hour but saw everything I wanted to see.

For more details check out to help plan your visit.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your weekend 

Love Holly x

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

When the Genie grants your wish

Hey Everyone

Hope everyones having a good evening

So last week I took a chance on the newly launched Aladdin London Lottery and my wish was granted with some incredible seats in the front row for last Mondays show at the Prince Edward Theatre.

I was very lucky one of my closest and longest standing friends could make it for a girly evening out. After a great meal in China Town we made our way to the theatre

The theatre is one of my favourites in the Westend and this was my first show seeing the view from the stalls having on previous visits to Aladdin and also Miss Saigon I'd been on different levels being in the stalls was something different and also amazing.

Having seen the show at the start of September I'd thought it was pretty incredible from the view up high but this was on a whole new level.

My two favourite parts of the show are "Never Had a Friend Like Me" and "A Whole New World" I wont give away any spoilers but both feature on my list of best production numbers I've seen on stage.

I'd really recommend giving the lottery a go, It goes online every Monday at 11am with the dates for the following week.
You have 3 chances to make a wish with this genie and after this visit and view it's really worth a go


Have a great week

Love Holly

A Year on

Evening everyone

So tonights blog is about health

A year ago tonight I remember well I was waiting in hospital to have my last lot of antibiotics and be discharged.
The problem had started about 10 days before when I'd started to feel un well and me being me tried to deal with it and carry on. I knew something wasn't right but in the end put it down to coming down with a bug n thought some cold n flu tablets would help and I'd be ok.
After coming back to London from a few days away where I'd dosed up and actually hadn't felt that bad I woke up on the train with what I can only describe as the shakes. Once home I wrapped up warm and went to bed. The next morning I rang the doctors for an emergency appointment and also rang in sick to work which is something I hate to do.
After a trip to the doctors which even though is only 10 mins on the bus it seemed a life time to me I had some antibiotics and put myself back to bed for a few hours sleep.
It wasn't till a phone call from my mum woke me up that she was coming to pick me up that I realised that I didn't feel any better.
I was actually glad be looked after but after trying eat when I got back to my parents did I realise I had no appetite at all and now bright lights were not my friend.
The next morning after my parents left for work did I try to settle myself on the couch to watch a film. I didn't realise at the time how high my temperature was but I couldn't get comfy so just went back to bed.
I think at this point I passed out in bed as the next thing I remember was my mum coming back to check on me at lunch time. She took my temperature which had now hit 104 and was straight back on the phone to the doctor who straight away said I needed to go to hospital for antibiotics from a drip to help.
From arriving at the hospital I was taken through with in 20 mins of arriving, at this point I was down to a vest top and tracksuit trousers as I was so hot and just couldn't cool down.
I remember my blood pressure being taken and being told it was dangerously low and then being hooked up to a drip and bloods being taken.

My dad told me a few hours later thats how he knew I wasn't well when I gave my arm by choice as normally I have to have someone with me for reassurance.
After a while in a cubicle a senior doctor came to see and started me off on antibiotics which whilst she was there the feeling i got was bubbles going through my veins (really random feeling) I remember trying to describe the shakes I'd had to her when they started again and reassured me it was because of my temperature being so high.

The most random memory I have of the hours I was there whilst a room was being found for me was listening to the wind outside and then hearing the doors of the ambulance entrance blow open and a paramedic saying "and thats how you make an entrance" followed by a lot of laughter from across the department.

At the out patients appointment the doctor gave me a full run down of what had happened on my arrival in A n E that I had a full picture of how ill I'd been.
She said my original bloods had shown the infection levels of 200 Which I learnt after should have been between 3-5 for normal levels and because of how high my temperature had been I'd had a slight heart murmur
It wasn't until after being told I could go home and I would be signed off for two weeks did I realise that this was my body needing recovery.

If I've learnt anything from what happened is don't ignore what your body is trying to tell you. If something isn't right don't feel bad if you need to take time out and rest up. Look after yourself and know your limits

Love Holly x

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Living life through a phone lens

              Living your life though a Phone Lens

Blog Lovin

Hands up who has at least one or more social media apps and profiles on their phones?
It's a part of everyday life to be active on social media, I think a lot of us can admit when we wake up you do a quick round of social media to see what's been going on while you've been asleep.

Earlier this week one of social medias most popular users Kim Kardashian was subjected to a terrifying experience by being held at gun point and bound in her hotel room in Paris.
                                                                              Soon after the news broke the stories and theories started
Was it the bodyguards fault for leaving Kim alone ?
Should the bodyguard have had such a wide social media profile?
Was it Kim's fault for snap chatting her engagement ring and location when people knew the amount the ring was worth when it had been talked about on social media?
Whilst people have been quick to jump on the negative and blame her for what happened you need to remember a woman and mother was subjected to a horrible experience one which it will take her a long time to recover from.

It brings the question now of how much do you post about yourself?. I like to be in control of what people can see on my platforms. I only recently changed the setting so I can see what can be posted on my time line on Facebook to be in more control of it. I like to do the tagging myself of where I am so personal info is kept that and my location for example is something I can post and isn't tracked by an app.

Photo credit - Kim Kardashians Instagram 

Friday, 2 September 2016

The one where we went to Monica's for breakfast

Hey guys, 

Hope you've all had a good week, I've certainly had a busy one. In between work a couple of show blogs I found myself heading for Chiswick House and Gardens today to finally get to see Friends Fest on its tour of the U.K. 

For those who know me well know I'm a big fan of Friends and have been for many years and much I wanted to go to this when it had a short run in London last summer. 

This was totally worth the wait especially to see Monica's apartment which I'll get to later on.

Our adventure started this morning after a short journey from Waterloo to Chiswick where my friend Shell and I found ourselves on a scenic walk round the grounds of the house with no clue of where to go. 
The grounds themselves were lovely but with near to know signage and the help of Twitter we found ourselves after a long walk finally near to where we needed to be where we could hear the friends theme tune but couldn't work out how to get there. Eventually we found the entrance and no fence climbing was needed to finally make entry in to Friends Fest.

We had a quick look around where the wedding chapel and the moon dance diner was and went off exploring.
Because we were near our time slot for Monica's apartment we headed towards the queueing area. All the staff and security I saw were really lovely and happy to take loads of pictures on all the sets that we saw.

Before going into Monica's apartment we started off with photos on the couch for the opening titles

We then made our way to Monica's. I think the time slots worked well for this as its something everyone wants to do and it meant it wasn't over crowded for pictures to be taken.

It was then next door to Joey and Chandlers, even though I thought the props were really good I thought a bit more could have been done to make it look more like the set from the show to the standard Monica's was.

Next stop was Central Perk which was organised with a route round for photos - main set being the famous couch in the middle and also a chance to stand as though you were serving coffee.

We then had a quick drink stop and watched some of the clips playing on the big screen in the middle. I could have easily stayed there all day watching different episodes it was a good laugh watching all different clips.

It was then time to hit the shop, there was a good range of items there to be and also not badly priced all though I would have liked a variety of framed prints as a choice to buy.

Only negative was Phoebes cab from the show which had been at last weeks venue had gone on to the next one which was disappointing as we would have loved to have seen that.

All in all we had a great day and some amazing pictures to take away as memories

Hope you have a great weekend 
Love Holly X

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Bucket list challenges

Hey guys

Happy Sunday and for those in London welcome to summer still a balmy 27 degrees and it's nearly 7pm

So after playing around with a few blog ideas my choice for tonight's one is my bucket list 

I've been super lucky with things I've done and people I've met over the years but still have a list of things I want to tick off.

I'll include some highlights of things I've done later on

As for now the Bucket list outstanding 

New York - I actually have a complete separate list of things I want to do here but my dream is to finally make it there and see a show on Broadway. 

Meet Take That
This I know surprises a few people after my luck with seeing and meeting other bands but this band were the first boy band I supported and after all the tours my dream of a group photo still awaits.

Travel first class
Would love to do this on a trip to New York but to fly anywhere first class would be incredible

Have a picture on a Westend stage 
My love of theatre continues but an ultimate dream would to be to have a picture on stage which I hope to full fill soon

To meet Donnie Wahlberg 
Out of all the people I've been lucky to meet this man is still one that is high up on the list. Have a hell of a lot of respect and admiration for him and everything he does and hope one day this can happen

To visit LA 
Heading on more American travels Los Angeles is another one high up my list so many places on the list I think I may have to make a separate one for my travels.

To visit the Caribbean
I was lucky as a child to visit Miami and the islands in the Caribbean but being so young at the time I don't remember a lot of it so a return visit would be incredible. 
My most vivid memory is being on a sports morning on an island in Miami bay and being on a canoe when dolphins came alongside

To meet Tom Hanks
This man has been and will always be one of my favourite actors and my list of favourite films with him is just endless I'm still getting over how transfixed I was watching Captain Phillips and how Powerful the film was.

To meet Kevin Bacon
My love of footloose helps in this one I am such a massive fan of the film it would be a dream to meet him.

To walk the red carpet at a movie premiere 
I know this is a must for a lot of people but it's something I've always wanted to do.

Now on to some highlights 

Niagara Falls
I was incredibly lucky to visit the falls on my trip to Toronto a few years ago may have been stupidly cold but I loved it.

South Africa
This whole trip ticked off so many parts of this list it's hard to find a place to start. 
I think one highlight I loved the most was staying at my friends and in the bay next to where she lived having a pod of whales there whilst we were there. We were lucky to be out on the boat when they surfaced. It was an image I'll never forget.

This place is like a second home, I've been lucky to spend a lot of time out there and from the stunning sunsets to the surroundings it's one I've loved every visit.

This ties in with my trips to Tenerife 
I've been lucky on my visits there to visit the Aqua park and watch the Dolphins. Two years ago I decided to do the top tier experience with the Dolphins and was just in awe of the whole thing with spending time with them to being shown more about them and being taught how they live . 

Backstreet boys
I have been super lucky with getting to see these guys over the years. From tours to shows they have done round the UK but finally getting a group photo on the tour in 2014 was a massive highlight for me

That's it for tonight
Let me know what's on your bucket list 

Have a good week
Love Holly

Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Magic of Disney

Hey guys

Welcome to this weeks blog which I'm currently writing standing in the Queue for the film lot tour at the Disney studios in Paris.
I'm on day 2 of my trip and what can I say the past 24 hours so far have been incredible.
After a long train journey we arrived here at Disneyland Paris to bright sunshine. 
There's a special magic in the air as soon as you enter the park gates and see the castle. No matter what age everyone's face lights up when you see the castle on Main Street. 

After wondering round for a while we went to do the Mickey Mouse experience at the back of the park. No matter what age I recommend this as something to do. You get to go through an old school cinema where you watch some brilliant cartoons and then head Into to see Mickey. I have always loved the fact at how personal the experience is and how great the pictures turn out.

It was then time for the parade, if this is your first time to Disney make this the top of your list to see. The whole thing is always something very special to see.

The complete highlight of day one for me was our dinner with the characters. We'd all agreed to do this a few months ago and the evening was just 5⭐️ from start to finish. Our table had an incredible view and I'm very happy to say I finally have my picture with Minnie. After a few trips to the park before she's one character I've never been lucky to track down.

My favourite character is tigger and I'm not going to lie my face lit up on his appearance at dinner. I think my happiness is summed up in all the pictures.

I have to give a special thank you to all the amazing staff in cafe Mickey they were all incredible from start to finish and made the experience incredible. 

Today's adventures have started in the Disney film studios
I've always loved this part of the park from my very first visit. 
There's a lot of history and facts in this side of the park where you can see the making of the films and take part in a drawing class in the animation part which is something pretty special to do.

I managed two meet n greets today with Buzz Lightyear and then a bonus one of our group visit to see Mickey as well. 

It was then great timing for the late opening of the Aerosmith ride as we were walking past it - this is one of my favourite rides in the park the energy and music especially makes this ride high on my list of places to visit when you come to Disneyland Paris.

We were reunited with more friends today and after our adventures at the movie studios we headed for the main park. We got a great spot for the afternoon parade in front of the castle which had a great view as all the floats came past.
Our rides for the day included Buzz Lightyears laser blast, Pirates of the Caribbean and then a bonus of a Meet and great with Minnie Mouse at the end. 

After a group meal together at The diner in the village it was time for some sleep.

I'm finishing this blog on the Eurostar on the way home from a perfect few days where an added surprise of dinner being served on the train has just made us all very happy.

Today started early with my mission to try and get a picture with Mickey and Minnie together. After the long queue for Minnie last night I spoke to a cast member there who told me that they were till certain times and to get into the park as soon as it opened to get to the photo point for the picture. I'd organised it and was beyond disappointed to find a cast member there already telling people the queue was shut.
 My one bit of feedback for the whole visit is to look into having more time for photo experiences with Mickey and Minnie. I felt it unfair that it seemed they were there just for people with the extra magic hours. It would have meant the world to me to have that shot but will definitely try again for it on my next visit.
I was lucky to finally get a picture with Donald as on my previous visits I've never seen him out in the park before 

We had a great day I'm both parks n made the most of a lot of rides today. Phantom manor was as great as I remembered it from previous visits but my complete highlight was the Ratatouille ride in the movie studios. We were in the right place at the right time for a short queue today and I'm so glad we got a chance to go on it. 
I was so surprised and impressed it's an incredible ride and one i completely recommend you do. The whole style of the ride from start to finish was brilliant I don't want to give any spoilers away but I promise you won't be let down at all. If we'd had more time We would have gone on it again.

As I'm now on my way home it's giving me time to think about all my adventures over the past few days. Working in the customer service and tourist industry myself I watch things closely myself when I visit different attractions.
This weekend I've seen some lovely things which have ranged from how special all the characters have made everyone feel from young to old.
I did see something special this morning in the movie park watching Mickey lead a young guest who was poorly over to see Woody and they both spent time with her. 
Some of the best service came from the staff in Cafe Mickey. We've all been waiting a lot time to do a meal with the characters and it was the highlight of the trip. They all made us feel so special through out the whole visit.

There's something very special about visiting Disney 
From the iconic castle on Main Street to the Disney music you can't help but smile from the moment you enter the park. 
I've had an incredible time and look forward to my next visit 
For more pictures check my Instagram on holly_b83

Hope you've enjoyed reading this blog as much as I've enjoyed putting it together 

Love Holly X

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Disney countdown 1 week to go

Hey everyone 

So the time has come where it's one week to go until we depart for Disneyland Paris next Friday morning.

To say I'm slightly excited now is an understatement 
The planning is underway - at the top is the characters. We are all massive Disney Fans and for our first night we have something very special planned. It's something I've always wanted to do and next Friday evening it'll be time for our meal with the Disney Characters. 
I've been lucky to go to Disneyland Paris a few times now but this will be the first time that I've done this and am very excited.

Having spent some time going through my Disney pictures from previous trips my ultimate picture this time will be Minnie Mouse. Don't get me wrong I've been very lucky with my character pictures (took me 3 visits to find my favourite character Tigger ) but I've not managed to see Minnie. 

One thing that has helped plan this visit is the iPhone app and knowing what rides are out for Maintence before we get there. It's helped massively and I really recommend downloading the app befor you go so can you see this and ride waiting times whilst in the park.

This week we hope will go quick and come next Friday you will have some very excited travellers waiting to board the Eurostar for the journey to the park. We've chosen this travel option for the fact the train goes directly to the park and the amazing staff in the station take your luggage to your hotels for you so you can go straight to the park.

I will be blogging whilst on the trip so make sure you check out my Instagram on holly_b83 and back for some reports on all the Disney adventures 

Love Holly x

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

May and June round up

Hey all,

Greetings from a warm but wet London Town today
Apologies for lack of blogs past couple of weeks but as I'm at home resting my non existent voice today I thought I'd catch up on the past few months.

May 2016
So May started with me trying to work out what was causing my allergic reaction on my face. This was an on going challenge over end of April and May but I've never had a reaction like it. It then had three weeks of strong antihistamines and steroid cream to calm it down again. After much elimination I managed to narrow it down to a shampoo I was using and the foundation I had. Being well into June now I'm only starting now to reintroduce foundation to save my eyes swelling up again but so far it's been three week since anything has happened so hopefully it's not going to happen again 

It was then time for the Footloose tour time, the London date was very special to me as it was exactly ten years to the day that I first saw the show in the Westend. 
Not ashamed at all to say still remembered it word for word and all the dance routines 

The next day was a special one I took my brother out for a trip to the Sky Garden in London. If you live in London or are visiting it's a hidden gem which is 100% worth a visit. Was an incredible way to see across London and the weather was stunning. Check out my sky garden blog for more information.

It was then time for to escape London for a few days and head up to Liverpool for some holiday time with one of my closest friends for a few days. We enjoyed a girly night out watching Footloose in Liverpool on the Saturday and then headed to Blackpool on the Sunday with her son for some fun on the beach.
 On previous visits to Blackpool over recent years we've had wind, rain and even an attempt at some horrible stormy weather so you can imagine our delight when we arrived to find sunshine - not just any sunshine but warm enough for no jackets sunshine. 
We popped into the Ripley's believe it or not museum to look at the Spice Girls Exhibition which was brilliant and a complete blast from the past for us as we were both big fans years ago and looking back at all the merchandise bought back lots of memories

Our adventures then took us to Manchester the next day for a visit to the Trafford Centre and the Legoland Discovery Centre. Great fun was had all round - I mean when your told to come and sit in a Lego version of a ball pool what else do you do but get involved . We then popped in after to the Sea Life centre next door. Both first time visits for me but defo great ones and will return again.

End of may also bought a visit to the o2 arena and a stop on the Busted tour. Was a great night out a complete trip down memory lane for the songs I haven't heard in a long long time.

I made a visit to Sadlers Wells at the end of the month to see the last night of the production of 1984. The more productions I see there to more I love watching ballet. If you ever get the chan to watch a show there you won't be disappointed.

June so far has been a fairly busy month in many ways. With the bank holiday weekend and holiday season at work I feel like it's gone pretty quick. This weekend coming is West end Live in London and next week is my return trip to Disney Land Paris (yes I'm that excited now I'm already starting to sort out what I'm going to take with me ) 

Thanks for reading my round up don't forget to check back for my Disney countdown and what I get up to on my trip away next week 

Have a great week 
Love Holly x