Bucket list challenges

Hey guys

Happy Sunday and for those in London welcome to summer still a balmy 27 degrees and it's nearly 7pm

So after playing around with a few blog ideas my choice for tonight's one is my bucket list 

I've been super lucky with things I've done and people I've met over the years but still have a list of things I want to tick off.

I'll include some highlights of things I've done later on

As for now the Bucket list outstanding 

New York - I actually have a complete separate list of things I want to do here but my dream is to finally make it there and see a show on Broadway. 

Meet Take That
This I know surprises a few people after my luck with seeing and meeting other bands but this band were the first boy band I supported and after all the tours my dream of a group photo still awaits.

Travel first class
Would love to do this on a trip to New York but to fly anywhere first class would be incredible

Have a picture on a Westend stage 
My love of theatre continues but an ultimate dream would to be to have a picture on stage which I hope to full fill soon

To meet Donnie Wahlberg 
Out of all the people I've been lucky to meet this man is still one that is high up on the list. Have a hell of a lot of respect and admiration for him and everything he does and hope one day this can happen

To visit LA 
Heading on more American travels Los Angeles is another one high up my list so many places on the list I think I may have to make a separate one for my travels.

To visit the Caribbean
I was lucky as a child to visit Miami and the islands in the Caribbean but being so young at the time I don't remember a lot of it so a return visit would be incredible. 
My most vivid memory is being on a sports morning on an island in Miami bay and being on a canoe when dolphins came alongside

To meet Tom Hanks
This man has been and will always be one of my favourite actors and my list of favourite films with him is just endless I'm still getting over how transfixed I was watching Captain Phillips and how Powerful the film was.

To meet Kevin Bacon
My love of footloose helps in this one I am such a massive fan of the film it would be a dream to meet him.

To walk the red carpet at a movie premiere 
I know this is a must for a lot of people but it's something I've always wanted to do.

Now on to some highlights 

Niagara Falls
I was incredibly lucky to visit the falls on my trip to Toronto a few years ago may have been stupidly cold but I loved it.

South Africa
This whole trip ticked off so many parts of this list it's hard to find a place to start. 
I think one highlight I loved the most was staying at my friends and in the bay next to where she lived having a pod of whales there whilst we were there. We were lucky to be out on the boat when they surfaced. It was an image I'll never forget.

This place is like a second home, I've been lucky to spend a lot of time out there and from the stunning sunsets to the surroundings it's one I've loved every visit.

This ties in with my trips to Tenerife 
I've been lucky on my visits there to visit the Aqua park and watch the Dolphins. Two years ago I decided to do the top tier experience with the Dolphins and was just in awe of the whole thing with spending time with them to being shown more about them and being taught how they live . 

Backstreet boys
I have been super lucky with getting to see these guys over the years. From tours to shows they have done round the UK but finally getting a group photo on the tour in 2014 was a massive highlight for me

That's it for tonight
Let me know what's on your bucket list 

Have a good week
Love Holly


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