Friday, 30 June 2017

Magic Mike - Live in Vegas

Hey Everyone,  

So I thought this deserved a blog on its own 

Last night was pretty epic and after months of seeing videos and it advertised I finally got to see Magic Mike Live.

If you are heading to Vegas to see it at the Hard Rock Hotel my advise to you especially if you are going to the early show like we did is it to get a cab. We thought getting the Monorail from our hotel n then walking the rest was a good plan but it is a long walk n a good 40 degrees still around 6pm in the eve.
Once we made it to the hotel n found the ticket collection area we found some of the merchandise to have a look at. It's all completely themed towards the show and there's actually quite a good selection.

Now when I booked these tickets online I asked for pick up at the venue to save postage towards the UK. I was told that I'd need photo ID to pick it up but it didn't say we'd all need it for getting drinks at the bar after. 

All the staff were lovely and very friendly and all came and introduced themselves to us and took us to our seats. 
We had a good view for where we were but an even better view when we were told we could move to the front of the balcony in the empty seats there. No complaints at all.

The show itself is for over 18s, it's all brilliantly done and well the choreography is amazing. I did think sitting on the balcony you wouldn't get much interaction with the show but the boys rotate in moving around all sections of the audience so no one is left out. 

The show started at 730 and finished around 9. We'd treated ourselves to the VIP as well with our tickets which even for the early show wasn't as busy as I expected it to be. 
It was nice for a change not to be rushed through a VIP and given a chance for a few pictures. All the staff really wanted to make sure you had a great time, even when we had to go back to retake a photo before we left nothing was a problem to get sorted out.

If you are in Vegas and get a chance to visit the show it's totally worth it and a great night out.

Have a great rest of the day 

Love Holly

Vegas - The journey n Day one

Hey Everyone,
Hope you are all good
So welcome to part one of my WestCoast USA travel adventures blog.
I can't believe I'm actually in the USA right now walking around today has actually felt pretty surreal. I've seen so many things on TV set in Vegas especially CSI and to actually be seeing it all for my own is is pretty incredible. 
Anyway to go back to yesterday and the journey
It's been a long time since I've flown out of Heathrow but the whole check in process and airport experience was nice and easy and very straight forward.
Then came the flight ... I knew I was in for a long one and it started off well but bout 7 hours into the flight the customer service of the staff went downhill. 
A number of people including myself had complained when the flight took off of how stuffy and hot the plane was. According to three stewards nothing could be done. I woke up from a nap around the 9 hour mark n really wanted to some water. After waiting 35 minutes for someone to respond to the call button I had to climb over the lady next to me to go find someone myself. 
No one had checked the cabin for a while I was then told I could have spoken to the person in charge earlier for some water but having counted 7 call lights on when I went looking I wasn't impressed. 
What annoyed me more was they all soon reappeared when the food was ready to be given out. Much to everyone's amazement colder air soon started pumping though the cabin as we were nearing landing .... 

Once we'd landed and got through customs it was very exciting driving towards the strip and seeing it close up after a quick view from the plane window
After arriving at our hotel and going for a wonder n seeing how big it was we decided it was time for some food and then to try n beat the jet lag an early night which so far today has worked quite well.
We've been out quite a while today but 42 degrees has now beaten us for a bit so it's chill out time before we head out to watch a show which will feature on my social media posts later (fans of a well known dance film will know what I mean) 
It's been great to walk around a lot today and see some of the sites of Vegas. 
Caesars Palace is one amazing hotel especially after seeing it feature in a lot of films it's really a lot bigger to explore than what comes across on screen.
We also had a lunch stop at Wahlburgers today which I was very excited about. The food was amazing and the staff were all so lovely and I completely recommend a visit if your in Vegas.

Don't forget to check back in the next few days for my next update 

Love Holly 

Monday, 26 June 2017

West Coast Countdown

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend. The sun is still out and London's still enjoying a lovely summer. Its a bit more enjoyable now its not as intense. As much as I love London this city can not deal with any sort of super hot or cold weather. 

So this week is one well lets say I've been looking forward to for a while. The suitcase is packed and everything is pretty much ready to go so the countdown for the airport is well underway.

I will be blogging while i'm away as there will be a lot of adventures happening while i'm in the USA. Both LA and Vegas have a lot waiting for me. 

Don't forget to check out the blog and my insta over on Holly_b83 for updates on my adventures

Its going to be a very exciting week 

Love Holly 


Saturday, 24 June 2017

WestEnd Live 2017

Hey Everyone,

Hope you've all had a great week.
Its that time of year when its time to head for a theatre themed day out in Trafalgar Square in London and WestEnd Live.
Each year the show gets more popular and this years queues were no different. Each year all the show in town get together and put on free performances for everyone.
Its also become and annual thing of what do you bring with you Sunglasses or a rain jacket. After the heat of this year you would expect just sunglasses but the rain did make a show for us today which luckily wasn't too bad and didn't spoil any fun.

The square as always was packed out and an incredible atmosphere. Some of my favourite performances today included Aladdin, Wicked, 42nd Street, Mamma Mia and Thriller.

Heres some of my favourite photos from todays outing

Love Holly

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Bit of a holiday shopping haul this week

Hey Everyone, 

Hope you've all had a great week

Its completely been on the hot side in London this week which has been really nice.

So this week blog follows some shopping trips that have happened this week as I get ready to go on holiday in the next couple of weeks.

Ive been gathering a few last minute things this week

First up was a trip to one of the flag ship Primark stalls in London. As I'm not up in town every day now I do make the most of any trips in for a spot of shopping.

I picked up a few Disney themed items, first being a great little bag which will serve for a day bag on my trip especially for my visit to a well known castle in a couple of weeks time.
I also after weeks of hunting and many Primark stores later found the elusive Chip ....... He's been a hard one to track down but now all I need is to find where all the cups are hiding and i'll be happy.

I also grabbed a lovely Beauty and the Beast top. Theres some lovely Disney stuff in the stores at the moment which is really worth checking out.

So today was a trip to Westfield to find a few other bits and also see whats around in the stores at the moment. 
First stop was MissGuided - I found some really nice items which I prefer to see in store and not online. I wish BooHoo would follow suit and open a store for this.

Slightly upset the big pink car has gone from the front of the store though . If your heading to Westfield head towards John Lewis on the top level and you wont be able to miss the store,

Next up was New Look, I've found some great bits in recently. This black playsuit fits perfectly and will be great to use as Day and Night Wear. I'm still on the hunt for a couple of bits in the store which i'm hoping to get hold of later this week. Pictures will follow soon of the rest. 

My Boo Hoo Haul is currently on its way which I'm looking forward to receiving.

Along with some other bits from Accessorize, Pink and JD Sports its been a really nice day. Don't forget to check out my travel set of blogs that will start in a couple of weeks time . I cant wait to share my adventures from the West Coast. 

Have a great rest of the week

Love Holly 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Take That - Wonderland Tour 2017

Hey Everyone,  
Hope you are all having a great week
Tonight I am blogging on the go and am currently in my seat waiting for Take That to take to the stage.

I've been to all the Take That tours since 95, my first actual concert being weeks after Robbie left but the Progress tour made up for it to see all 5 on stage. 

This evening was very last minute for me tour wise but I've been planning my USA trip but for the view I have I'm so happy.                                        

With recent events I have to give a nod to the way the o2 arena are handling security, I heard a few grumbles at how long the queues were and the double bag checks but it was handled so well, quick and all the staff were lovely to deal with.

All Saints smashed their set on stage, was a massive trip down memory lane listening to all the hits and I've decided I need to download some of the songs as my cd is long warn out.

This is a new one for me being in the block I'm in view wise as this area is normally the stage but with the stage in the centre of the arena it's an incredible view.

The show so far has been incredible
Each tour I look forward to see what production number comes with Relight My Fire and it's always in my top 3 in every show.

The energy in the arena is amazing, from what I can see a complete sell out which is no mean feat. I love the stage in the middle of the arena. It's a whole different way of seeing the show and it looks visually incredible.

The energy of the crowd cheering after Back for Good just lifted the roof off
Everyone is here for an incredible time and the boys never let us down in what ever show they produce. 

The show so far has been a great mixture of the old hits and lots of the new ones. 
The crowd is one united fandom and everyone has sung n danced together. Never Forget was as always just amazing seeing it with a complete view of the audience was really special but seeing a surround view of Rule The World with everyone's phone lights on just looked beyond stunning. No pictures could do it justice but this was a very special way to end the night.
As I changed trains on the way home a busker was playing Patience and all the crowds walking past started singing showing everyone's signs of an amazing evening.
Till the next one guys 

Love Holly


Saturday, 3 June 2017

Paige Toon - The Last piece of my heart

Hey Guys,

Firstly my apologies for the delay in posting this blog it was ready to go but I loved the book so much I wanted to read it again

Let's backtrack a little bit first

If you haven't read any of Paige's book before head off to Amazon now and start with either Lucy in the Sky I promise you there will be no let down. I couldn't put this book down when I first read it. As with all of Paige's stories they are so easy to escape into and imagine yourself in the book. 
I have always loved the character crossovers in the books I find myself looking for them now in every story to try and get the connection to the other books.

The Last Piece of my Heart was a complete joy to read from the start.
I'd tried because I'd been looking forward to this book for so long not to read too much of Paige's new edition of The Hidden Paige this time so not too much was given away. After the book reading I knew even though I had no doubt that this was going to be a lovely story to read. 

Being a blogger myself it was great to read the blogger references in this story, Bridget who is a blogger is currently putting together a series about retrieving the missing pieces of her heart lost in previous relationships. Her story takes her to revisit past relationships in the bid to get them back.
She is also given the task of taking on the role of a ghost writer during the book to finish an authors book who has passed away suddenly.
This story takes Bridget away from the hustle of her life down to Cornwall for the summer and introduces Charlie in to her life where everything starts to change.
What I loved about this story is being able to escape into the places that were mentioned in the book. It's very easy to picture yourself into any of Paige's books and this one was no exception. I've only visited Cornwall a couple of times in my life and after reading this really want to go again.

I hate coming to the end of any of Paige's books but was dying to know what the outcome was

For more head off to your local book shop or download this story on to your kindle for a great summer read

Not that I would give this anything less than 5 stars but it's completely worth a read

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly