Magic Mike - Live in Vegas

Hey Everyone,  

So I thought this deserved a blog on its own 

Last night was pretty epic and after months of seeing videos and it advertised I finally got to see Magic Mike Live.

If you are heading to Vegas to see it at the Hard Rock Hotel my advise to you especially if you are going to the early show like we did is it to get a cab. We thought getting the Monorail from our hotel n then walking the rest was a good plan but it is a long walk n a good 40 degrees still around 6pm in the eve.
Once we made it to the hotel n found the ticket collection area we found some of the merchandise to have a look at. It's all completely themed towards the show and there's actually quite a good selection.

Now when I booked these tickets online I asked for pick up at the venue to save postage towards the UK. I was told that I'd need photo ID to pick it up but it didn't say we'd all need it for getting drinks at the bar after. 

All the staff were lovely and very friendly and all came and introduced themselves to us and took us to our seats. 
We had a good view for where we were but an even better view when we were told we could move to the front of the balcony in the empty seats there. No complaints at all.

The show itself is for over 18s, it's all brilliantly done and well the choreography is amazing. I did think sitting on the balcony you wouldn't get much interaction with the show but the boys rotate in moving around all sections of the audience so no one is left out. 

The show started at 730 and finished around 9. We'd treated ourselves to the VIP as well with our tickets which even for the early show wasn't as busy as I expected it to be. 
It was nice for a change not to be rushed through a VIP and given a chance for a few pictures. All the staff really wanted to make sure you had a great time, even when we had to go back to retake a photo before we left nothing was a problem to get sorted out.

If you are in Vegas and get a chance to visit the show it's totally worth it and a great night out.

Have a great rest of the day 

Love Holly


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