Bit of a holiday shopping haul this week

Hey Everyone, 

Hope you've all had a great week

Its completely been on the hot side in London this week which has been really nice.

So this week blog follows some shopping trips that have happened this week as I get ready to go on holiday in the next couple of weeks.

Ive been gathering a few last minute things this week

First up was a trip to one of the flag ship Primark stalls in London. As I'm not up in town every day now I do make the most of any trips in for a spot of shopping.

I picked up a few Disney themed items, first being a great little bag which will serve for a day bag on my trip especially for my visit to a well known castle in a couple of weeks time.
I also after weeks of hunting and many Primark stores later found the elusive Chip ....... He's been a hard one to track down but now all I need is to find where all the cups are hiding and i'll be happy.

I also grabbed a lovely Beauty and the Beast top. Theres some lovely Disney stuff in the stores at the moment which is really worth checking out.

So today was a trip to Westfield to find a few other bits and also see whats around in the stores at the moment. 
First stop was MissGuided - I found some really nice items which I prefer to see in store and not online. I wish BooHoo would follow suit and open a store for this.

Slightly upset the big pink car has gone from the front of the store though . If your heading to Westfield head towards John Lewis on the top level and you wont be able to miss the store,

Next up was New Look, I've found some great bits in recently. This black playsuit fits perfectly and will be great to use as Day and Night Wear. I'm still on the hunt for a couple of bits in the store which i'm hoping to get hold of later this week. Pictures will follow soon of the rest. 

My Boo Hoo Haul is currently on its way which I'm looking forward to receiving.

Along with some other bits from Accessorize, Pink and JD Sports its been a really nice day. Don't forget to check out my travel set of blogs that will start in a couple of weeks time . I cant wait to share my adventures from the West Coast. 

Have a great rest of the week

Love Holly 


  1. This backpack... so nice! I love shopping haul coz you always get to see amazing products by brand you are used to shopping with but you might not have spotted the product in the store! can't wait to see the boohoo haul xx corinne


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