Take That - Wonderland Tour 2017

Hey Everyone,  
Hope you are all having a great week
Tonight I am blogging on the go and am currently in my seat waiting for Take That to take to the stage.

I've been to all the Take That tours since 95, my first actual concert being weeks after Robbie left but the Progress tour made up for it to see all 5 on stage. 

This evening was very last minute for me tour wise but I've been planning my USA trip but for the view I have I'm so happy.                                        

With recent events I have to give a nod to the way the o2 arena are handling security, I heard a few grumbles at how long the queues were and the double bag checks but it was handled so well, quick and all the staff were lovely to deal with.

All Saints smashed their set on stage, was a massive trip down memory lane listening to all the hits and I've decided I need to download some of the songs as my cd is long warn out.

This is a new one for me being in the block I'm in view wise as this area is normally the stage but with the stage in the centre of the arena it's an incredible view.

The show so far has been incredible
Each tour I look forward to see what production number comes with Relight My Fire and it's always in my top 3 in every show.

The energy in the arena is amazing, from what I can see a complete sell out which is no mean feat. I love the stage in the middle of the arena. It's a whole different way of seeing the show and it looks visually incredible.

The energy of the crowd cheering after Back for Good just lifted the roof off
Everyone is here for an incredible time and the boys never let us down in what ever show they produce. 

The show so far has been a great mixture of the old hits and lots of the new ones. 
The crowd is one united fandom and everyone has sung n danced together. Never Forget was as always just amazing seeing it with a complete view of the audience was really special but seeing a surround view of Rule The World with everyone's phone lights on just looked beyond stunning. No pictures could do it justice but this was a very special way to end the night.
As I changed trains on the way home a busker was playing Patience and all the crowds walking past started singing showing everyone's signs of an amazing evening.
Till the next one guys 

Love Holly



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