Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Shoe Shopping

Shoe Shopping for Bigger Shoes for Women

Hey Everyone, 

So lets talk about shoes today and ladies shoe shopping. 

Normal shopping for anything else that isn't shoe related I am completely fine about but when it comes to shoes it fill me with dread.

It comes from being blessed with size 8 feet from my early teens. Now things have got better in recent years but it's still not great. 
My main question though is why when identical trainers ( eg plain white or black branded shoes) are available in both Women's and Men's sizes should you be expected to pay more if the men's size is in stock and the women's isn't?.

Over time I've learnt where to shop and to not get that feeling when the shop assistant is away looking for ages for your size for a long time. Two of my favourite go to shops especially for trainers are Schuh and JD Sports. They stock a great size range of women's shoes and especially bigger sizes so you have more of a chance of either ordering online or walking away from the store with what you wanted. 

I wondered into another shoe shop the other day to ask if a certain brand and design was in stock. They had the design but not the colour but I was told flat out that their sizes stopped at a size 7 and I could look in the mens if needed. I just left the store without even checking. 

What I would like to see is more shops give women with bigger shoe sizes a better shopping experience and not have to pay more for what they want. It can't be hard to do and for some shops to catch up on. 

Drop a comment below if you have the same trouble shoe shopping and where you like to go to get shoes. 

Thanks for reading 

Love Holly 


2018 Thoughts 

Hey Everyone, 
Firstly I have to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. I hope you all had a lovely time. Up until Christmas eve it really felt like December had been put on a fast forward button. I know people say life takes over but this month it really did.
From starting a new job at the beginning of the month it seemed all of a sudden it was the day before Christmas eve. I tried to stay on top of things this year and give myself a cut off date to be ready by and this year of all years it actually worked. 

This year really has been a busy one, from work to life and clocking up a big amount of miles theres been a lot of incredible memories made. 
The suitcases have been out in force with trips round the UK and Europe with Tenerife and Milan being visited and also Glasgow and Liverpool in the UK as well. 

I've loved visiting new places this year, Milan was beautiful and one place I would love to go back to again one day to spend some more time there. 
I've been looking at some future travel ideas hopefully for 2019, Pinterest really does give you a lot of ideas with out trying for places to visit. 

I'm so happy with how the blog has done this year, I personally would like to thank everyone who's taken time to read my posts and support what I do. 
A big achievement this year was to see both the blogs make it into the public vote for the UK blog awards. Am keeping fingers crossed for the next stage but It's just great to see things that you and your friends do get achievements. 

So next year for the blog I have some ideas already for new posts which I will start posting soon.

I hope you all have a great rest of the Christmas break

Love Holly 

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Body Worlds London

Body Worlds Exhibition London

Hey Everyone, 
So earlier this week I was invited along to have a look at the Body Worlds Exhibition as it takes up it's new home here in London's West end in Piccadilly Circus. 
It's new home is what used to be the Ripley's Believe it or Not and is easily accessible from the tube with the Piccadilly Line and Bakerloo line entrance just outside the main entrance.

The exhibition itself has been on tour but now has an incredible space now to draw in the crowds. From the start of the exhibition you are given a head set that works at different points during the exhibition giving you extra information as you walk round. There are also different points where you can point part of the set for extra things. 

One thing that struck me is how much you actually learn and can get involved with as you walk round. It struck me that it's completely education and theres nothing commercialised to get you as you walk round. 
I completely think it's worth the money to visit, crowds are taking a good few hours to get round and I can see why as there is a lot to take in on each level. 
It is worth noting there is a cloakroom before you enter the museum as you are only allowed a small bag for your journey round. There is also lift access and stair access on each floor as well. 

Overall I was really impressed and can see the exhibition staying in London for a long time. It's also the only one open on Christmas day as well if you are looking for things to do this Christmas.

If you have seen the exhibition drop a comment below and let me know what you thought. 

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly 

Sunday, 25 November 2018

It’s a month away

Hey Everyone

So being November 25th it’s officially the 4 week countdown to the big day ... I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to know where this year has gone. 

I feel like I’ve left a fast forward button on the year it’s gone that fast.

I think this year is one in a long time where I’m feeling festive a lot earlier than I normally do.

For a good 16 years working in retail and then tourism it was Christmas from November onwards till New Year and I took myself away from it.

I’m still not quite ready for the Christmas music but have so far the past few weeks really enjoyed looking at all the trees I’ve seen up.

I’ve always loved decorations, now I usually keep hold of a certain set but always love looking for more. I even spent time last night looking at different trees that’s how in the mood I am to start decorating soon.

Now with it being a month away I have to throw the question out

When is a good time to put the tree up? Drop a comment below and let me know.

There’s more festive stuff on the way so don’t forget to check back soon.

Love Holly x

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Holidays are coming

Hey Everyone 

I hope you’ve all had a great week

So tonight it’s the first of my Festive themed set of blogs that will be running up till Christmas.

Tonight’s one is all about Christmas trees, yes it’s November but here in London the decorations are up in full force and with that comes some amazing looking trees.

Last night I got to see the Tree that is up in St Pancras International in London. 
Every year the tree has a different theme one of my favs from a few years ago being the Disney themed one.

This year the stunning trees theme is Tiffany, if your in the station I recommend popping past the perfume stall near the tree to see what they have on offer.

Who else has favourite trees they’ve spotted this year? Drop a comment below and let me know your favourite 

There’s more Christmas and festive themed blogs on the way so don’t forget to check them out.

Have a great week

Love Holly


Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Mickey 90

Mickey 90

Hey Everyone, 

Calling all Disney fans - this blog is for you

Its Mickey Mouses 90th birthday and to celebrate lots of brands have got on board and released some amazing items to celebrate. 

In this blog I've included some of my favourite I've found so far 

Disney Vans
This whole range is great and there is something for everyone. From shoes to jumper and some great bags. I think so far the classic black and white slip on shoes coming in as my favourite but I really want to see some more of the range in store.

Now Pandora's Disney range is just great in itself but included in the Winter 18 selection is not only Mary Poppins but a special Mickey 90 charm has now been released to join it.

Now I popped into one of the stores at the weekend to be greeted with this amazing display. From notebooks to phone cases and some lovely bags this range is one I could take the whole one home from.

Cath Kidston
Recently there have been some great ranges in the store including Alice in Wonderland and Snow White but I really love the range they have bought out in store including the tea plates and mugs.

Last up is the new range from Skinnydip, this is also a brand new range I love. With a great range of phone cases, bags and also clothes this is one worth checking out online. There are more stores also opening so defo check it out if you get the chance. 

Pop a comment below if you've picked up any of the Mickey 90 range and let me know what you've picked up and what ranges you like. 

Have a great week 

Love Holly 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Weekends Away

Weekends Away in the UK 

Hey Everyone 
So today’s blog is some travel ideas if you are looking for some places to visit in the UK for a few days away. 

I normally travel by train when going away, if it’s up North I usually pick Virgin trains if I can or West Midlands if a two part journey is needed. 
When booking train tickets I find it easier to go for two single tickets price wise instead of a return depending on what time you want to travel.

One thing I love about Virgin Trains now is they will text you when the train is ready and what platform it is going from so your not caught having to wait on the concourse and get other things done if needed. 

If you haven’t travelled from Euston recently the new food court level is open upstairs so there are more places to sit, eat and wait for trains. This is great with the cold winter months on the way.
I also find this nice as the main part of the station can get very crowded so you can wait away from the crowds.

After a quick change at Crewe it was onwards to Liverpool. The journey takes just over 2 hours now and I can’t recommend it enough for a getaway location. 

Our Friday adventures took us to Blackpool and to see the lights. After a nice drive along the beach front we eventually found a parking space with in a short distance of the tower. 
We spent some time playing on the games in the arcades and followed it by fish and chips which went down a treat. 
It was then on to the fun part of a horse and carriage ride down the sea front to see all the lights. 
It was £25 for the ride for all of us which I think wasn’t bad as we split it between us. I don’t think we would have done it if it had been per person. 
It was great fun seeing all the displays and luckily not overly cold.

Next up was a trip to the Blackpool Tower, I’ve been before and have always loved what it has to offer. 
It houses many Merlin attractions including the circus which was the highlight of our trip a few years ago.

First up was the 4D film which is always fun to watch and very relevant to Blackpool and cleverly done.
It was then on to a trip to the top of the tower.
We had a bit of a wait as it was windy and this can affect the lifts.
It was worth it to see the view as it was now dark but completely lit up down the front. 
On our way down we popped in to the ballroom - if you ever get the chance to pop in whilst visiting the tower the beauty and history of the ballroom is worth a visit in itself.

We finished off the evening with hot donuts for the journey home which is always a favourite.

Saturday bought the sunshine and an outing to a new place I’ve not been to before. Thornby Beach was a short 15 min through some beautiful woods to get to the sea shore. It was a stunningly sunny day, cold but wrapped up warm it made a lovely walk and seemed a world away from everything.

For the evening we went to the theatre, the Liverpool Empire has always been one of my favourite theatres outside of London. The design is amazing and I’ve always loved going to see shows there. There is a lot to do in Liverpool and I always feel time goes faster because of how much fun was had. 

On the Sunday we ventured to Manchester to the Trafford Centre, it’s about 45 mins journey wise on a good run and we spent the afternoon watching live performances from the UK Tour cast of Wicked which was a lot of fun. 

The journey back was smooth sailing with Virgin Trains, with luckily no changes this time as it had got cold but for two hours on the train it was also good for a quick journey on a Sunday.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this travel blog I’ll be doing some more for things to do in London soon.

Love Holly 

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Yankee Candle Haul - New Season Smells

Yankee Candle Haul - New Season Smells 

Hey Everyone 

So last night after my trip to the new Yankee Candle outlet shop at Icon at the o2 I thought I would go through my haul of candles and recommend some candle ideas as we go into Autumn and towards Christmas. 

The new season ranges are out both Autumn smells and Christmas ones. My go to one and favourite for the last couple of years has been Fireside Treats. I've found them in various styles including tea lights and small jars.
As a life hack for going into colder weather where you will have heating on in the house I have found leaving a tea light on a shelf near the radiator will also make your room smell lovely without having the candle lit.

I do love a lot of the festive candles that Yankee Candle bring out and really enjoyed having one of the festive advent calendars a few years ago. The house smelt amazing for the whole of December. 

Next up in the haul is the in car air smart scent vent clip - this I am looking forward to trying in my car and also seeing what else comes with this range.

Next up are a few of the gift boxes that I picked up. These are perfect for some extra small presents for people and also stocking fillers. There are Christmas ones out but for now I've got a mixture of some summer smells and a mixture of fruits.
Also as you can see I've picked up a mixture of different sizes as I like to burn them in different places round the house and some work better than others.

Last up on this haul and one I am really looking forward to trying is the home fragrance unit. It comes with two refills in the box and also the plug came in the goodie bag at last nights launch. This is another one I look forward to finding different smells from the range. 

Thanks for checking out this blog, if you are a fan of Yankee Candles drop a comment below and let me know your favourite ones that you are enjoying at the moment.
Check back again soon for a follow on from this where I will be checking out and recommending ones to get on the run up to Christmas. 

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly 

Friday, 19 October 2018

Icon at the o2

Icon at the o2 

Hey Everyone 

I hope you’ve all had a great week
So today’s blog has a shopping theme with a preview for o2 customers of the opening of the new outlet shopping experience Icon at the o2 which is brand new at the o2 arena in London.

With names such as Cath Kidston, Gap, Paperchase and Yankee Candle to name a few all on Outlet prices it will prove a great place to shop over the Christmas season. 
If your heading to the o2 at all for shows or even a meal now you pop in and check out the newly opened space with a trampoline park and extended cinema to follow. 

The new areas are all looking great and have really improved the whole experience at the o2 and will really look great when it’s all finished.
Just a short walk from North Greenwich station on the Jubilee line, car park accessible and also from the river boat it is easy to get to the arena for a what is now an even better experience.

Shopping wise this evening there were some great deals available on the o2 priority app but the Yankee Candle one won this evening with buy £25 and get a gift bag worth £25 free. The store is stocked with some great gifts for Christmas with brilliant deals to match.

I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s blog and have a great weekend

Love Holly 

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Paige Toon - One Perfect Christmas and other stories

Paige Toon - One Perfect Christmas and other stories 

Hey Everyone

Hope you’ve all had a great week 

On the reading list this week is a collection of short stories written by my favourite author Paige Toon.

These stories have originally come from Paige’s online newsletter called The Hidden Paige and are now available in book form.

They all link in with Paige’s other books and give a further look at some of her much loved characters including Johnny Jefferson from the book Johnny Be Good.

Old or new fans will love this and for all new fans be prepared to head to the nearest bookshop to pick up the rest of the collection which I promise you won’t put down.

Let me know if you’ve read any of Paige’s books and what your favourite ones are below 

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Twinnings vs Tetley - Water Infusions Tea

Twinnings vs Tetley Fruit Infusers for Water Bottles 

Hey Everyone 

So for today blog I thought I’d do a bit of a comparison on the two brands.

Now I’ve been drinking the Twinnings range for most of the Summer so was happy to see Tetley on board with this and  have bought of their new ones to try.

Now first up is the prices 

Twinnings I’ve seen retailing in different stores with three different prices ranging between £3 and £4.15.

Tetley so far I’ve seen retailing for £2.50 

They both come with 12 bags in each container 

So far Twinnings flavours seem to be lasting longer for use during a working day but I am looking forward to finding more of the Tetley range to try now I know it’s out and hopefully in more stores.

What do you guys think ?

Have you tried these ranges? Also what are your favourite flavours and have you found them at different prices. So far Morrison’s is the best priced I have found to get them.

Drop a comment below and let me know what you think 

Love Holly

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Reese Witherspoon - Whiskey in a Tea Cup

Hey Everyone, 

So on top of my book pile to read this week has been Reese Witherspoon's brand new book Whiskey in a Tea Cup.

The book itself to start off with is beautifully presented and just from the design it will make you want to pick it up to have a look. Filled with photos of Reese, her family and also the amazing looking food with the recipes that will make you hungry just by looking at them.

As you get further into the book you see an insight to some of Reese's family stories and also growing up in the south. 

This book has a great mixture of things to read that so far I've not wanted to put down. I find it very honestly written and give it 5 stars for a read this Autumn.

Have a great rest of the weekend 

Love Holly 

Saturday, 22 September 2018

The One Where Friends Turns 24

Hey Everyone

So today is a TV milestone for a show that we've all grown up with and loved.

Friends turns 24 today ... 
It doesn't seem at all 24 years since the first episode aired and a worldwide phenomenon started at all. At some point I think everyone can say they've sat down and watched if not some episodes but the whole ten series. 

This is one show I don't could ever be rebooted without the original cast and writers as it wouldn't work. 
24 years later the catchphrases are still laughed at as much today as they were when they first came out.

After going to Friends Fest when its been here in London over the last few years it's been great to see a part of TV history first hand as the show still has a massive following here in the UK as well as round the world.

The one conversation I love having with people is what are your top 3 favourite episodes of all time as everyone stops to have a good think. 

Pop a comment below and let me know what your favourite episodes are 
Have a great rest of the weekend 

Love Holly 

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Written by Mrs Bach

Written by Mrs Bach

Hey Everyone 

So earlier this week I was extremely lucky to be able to see a preview of a film that is being released in a few weeks time at BAFTA in London.

Written by Mrs Bach is an extremely well put together documentary with a lot of research and evidence questioning if is really the composer of Bach’s music.

It raises a lot of very thought provoking thoughts and ideas which really are in line to change music history.

You’ll see more of this film mentioned In the weeks to come and I really recommend it for one to watch and look forward to seeing conversation and feedback that will come from it.

If you get to see it when it’s released let me know your thoughts on it

Have a great rest of the week


Saturday, 15 September 2018

Elan Cafe - Oxford St London

Elan Cafe - Oxford St London 

Hey Everyone 

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week 

So today’s blog is one I’ve been waiting to do for a long time.

Yesterday I finally got a chance to visit Elan Cafe and their brand new branch that opened near Oxford St this week. Their other branches are in Mayfair and Knightsbridge and from the pictures on Instagram look stunning.

On approach it looked busy but we were seated quickly. 

The choice of food on the menu is lovely and decently priced for what it is. I ordered Avocado on toast with Feta which was presented really nicely and tasted amazing.

It was then on to the desserts, there is a wide range of cakes and desserts out on display. We both went for the triple chocolate cheesecake which even though a small portion tasted amazing and was very filling.

There was a range of outside and inside tables to choose to sit at which I thought was good both low tables and high up ones if you are stopping for a coffee. 

If you are looking for somewhere nice to eat I really recommend popping in for a visit and I’m looking forward now to checking out the other branches next. Don’t forget to check them out on Instagram as well

Have a great rest of the weekend 

Love Holly   

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Keeping Memories

Hey Everyone

So this week I've been catching up on the pile of every growing photos and thing's i've collected this year to go in photo albums and scrapbooks.
It made me wonder, in an age which is run mostly by social media and mobile phones who likes to keep hard copies of things. 
For as long as I can remember I have saved up photos both from camera film to digital cameras and also camera phones. Who goes that step further in getting pictures printed ? Over a course of a year I tend to save them up and get either 3 or 4 sets printed that cover the previous few months. I love making collages, scrapbooks and finding different frames for pictures

I looked at my phone the other day and how many pictures are actually on it, I make a point of backing it up often as I know as much as I would be upset if I lost it I know I have my printed pictures as well.

So here is my question for you all, if camera phones and social media got taken away over night what would you do with your memories? You can upload pictures to facebook and instagram in an instant and they are there to share but in a digital which changes so quick how would we cope if it suddenly wasn't there 

Leave a comment below as I'd love to know how you all store your memories 

Love Holly 

Friday, 24 August 2018

Learning to Drive - a progress update

Hey Everyone, 

So Its been a while since my last driving update
The lessons are going well and I feel I'm starting get a grip with what I am trying to do, the gear changes are becoming easier with my instructors help along with everything else you have to remember with driving the car. 
This weeks challenges have been harder.... driving what will be my own car for extra practise..... Not as easy as it sounds I promise you. It's a great car but there's been a lot of frustration this week with learning how different the clutch is. It's simple you may think - its a pedal - trust me it's not it's hard and it's taking a bit longer to click.
I've also now as a safety net when I've been out driving been going slightly longer routes so I don't get myself into situations i'm not fully confident in getting out of yet. 

It's all well and good stalling on a quiet road but on a busy road it's not great. I've been told many times keep calm take a breath and carry on but trust me it's not easy. Most people like I mentioned in the last driving blog when they see an L plate on an instructors car or someone out doing private practise will hang back and give you some breathing space.

I'm learning speed limits, I'm learning how to feel comfortable doing different speeds and also how to deal with being on the road, what I don't mind is if people want to over take but sometimes it maybe worth remembering is if a car a couple of cars in front doesn't move as quick as you expect you really don't need to keep sounding your horn. As a learner it's off putting and soul destroying at times and really doesn't help any learner move quicker.
The also applies when you think for anyone who has recently passed they may not have a P plate on the car so keep this in mind as even though they've passed people can still use some encouragement.
My biggest achievement this week was attempting reversing and bay parking whilst out with a friend. Ok the car park was empty but for a first attempt at this I did really well.
I know the frustration will eventually go and things will come easier but for now it's more practise 
I'll update you all soon 

Love Holly