Reese Witherspoon - Whiskey in a Tea Cup

Hey Everyone, 

So on top of my book pile to read this week has been Reese Witherspoon's brand new book Whiskey in a Tea Cup.

The book itself to start off with is beautifully presented and just from the design it will make you want to pick it up to have a look. Filled with photos of Reese, her family and also the amazing looking food with the recipes that will make you hungry just by looking at them.

As you get further into the book you see an insight to some of Reese's family stories and also growing up in the south. 

This book has a great mixture of things to read that so far I've not wanted to put down. I find it very honestly written and give it 5 stars for a read this Autumn.

Have a great rest of the weekend 

Love Holly 


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