Twinnings vs Tetley - Water Infusions Tea

Twinnings vs Tetley Fruit Infusers for Water Bottles 

Hey Everyone 

So for today blog I thought I’d do a bit of a comparison on the two brands.

Now I’ve been drinking the Twinnings range for most of the Summer so was happy to see Tetley on board with this and  have bought of their new ones to try.

Now first up is the prices 

Twinnings I’ve seen retailing in different stores with three different prices ranging between £3 and £4.15.

Tetley so far I’ve seen retailing for £2.50 

They both come with 12 bags in each container 

So far Twinnings flavours seem to be lasting longer for use during a working day but I am looking forward to finding more of the Tetley range to try now I know it’s out and hopefully in more stores.

What do you guys think ?

Have you tried these ranges? Also what are your favourite flavours and have you found them at different prices. So far Morrison’s is the best priced I have found to get them.

Drop a comment below and let me know what you think 

Love Holly


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