Sunday, 23 April 2017

Blog Update

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Sunny Sunday, hope everyone has a really nice weekend. I've had a lovely afternoon spending a great few hours out with the metal detector today. After my find earlier this week I have to say I was quite happy to find some coins today. Although they weren't as old as some I've already found its great fun to get out doors for a few hours n do.

So my big news this week is after some TLC on the blog it has its new home on and looks how I want it to look now. 
Ok I turned it over to one of the IT guys in the office to help me with but its finally got all I want on there now

so Social Media wise 

you can find me on 

Instagram on holly_b83

Twitter on holly_b83 

Facebook page on @holb83adventures

pinterest on holly_b83 

I'm currently working on my You Tube Channel which I'll post when its ready so do check back soon for that. 

I'm currently planning a few things for some blogs in the next few weeks. My brain seems to be churning out some ideas at the min which I do like. 

Have a great week and here's hoping this could finally be spring now 

Love Holly 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Gymnastics World Cup Part 2

Hey Everyone,

Hope you've all had a great weekend

Following on from yesterdays brilliant but also long day the o2 here comes my blog on the rest of my day watching the gymnastics and the mens competition also with some pictures as I don't seem to be able to upload them from my iPad.

Well after deciding to change my viewpoint yesterday for the mens competition I spent the evening chilling in the Sky Backstage Bar which firstly I have to say has an incredible view but also without the stage in the arena was a great place to go n watch the evening event from.

The mens competition was fiercely fought from the start and great to watch. The skill and strength that goes into their routines is just incredible.

The energy in the arena was just as strong as it was for the women's competition earlier in the day. My only thought for organisers going forward is having it finish as late as it was could be something to look at next year as a lot of the audience were very young but clearly wanted to see both events and I heard some parents say they wouldn't be there till the end.

It was great also to see Max Whitlock appearing again and also see the support for gymnastics and team GB with all the flags in the arena.

I'm looking forward to the next event I can get along to and watch.
Hope you enjoy the pictures ( I even spotted some storm troopers watching ) and have a great rest of the week

Love Holly


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Gymnastics World Cup Part 1

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Saturday and welcome to part 1 of my blogs for the Gymnastics World Cup at the o2 arena in London. 

Having just come out of the women's competition which saw Amy Tinkler take home a very well deserved 3rd place medal I am now waiting for the men's competition to begin in a few hours time. I've actually found a lovely quiet bar to hide away from the crowds outside to write this. If you've not tried the Nylon lounge I really recommend it. 

I'm having such a good day today even though it's going to be a long one I really don't mind. The atmosphere in the arena has been brilliant so far and it's great to see the full competition take place. 
Having fought for tickets to the Olympics to watch the gymnastics( fond memories of being up till 1am most evenings during the competition playing the ticket game I was so happy to nab myself a floorside ticket and be part of an incredible event) 

When I saw the tickets come up for this I managed after much patience to get some great tickets for both events. 
My highlight of the day so far apart from the dancing storm troopers has been to see Max Whitlock perform some great routines in between the events of the women's competition.

Earlier today I managed to fit in a trip on the Emirates cable car at the o2 which in the sunshine that's currently over London was totally worth it.

Keep an eye on my Instagram  Holly_b83where I'll be posted more videos and pictures as the day goes on 

Love Holly 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Power Rangers the Movie

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Friday hope you have all had a great week? anyone else think having the sun out just makes the days so much better.

So for this blog I'm starting a new set of blogs on some films i'm going to see over the next couple of months. Having had a Cineworld card for a long time I thought it's time to review my cinema trips.

So last night I ventured up to my local Cineworld to give the new Power Rangers film ago. I'd heard mixed reviews on it since it's release but having been a fan when I was younger I was happy to give it a go.

My first observation was it was actually a lot busier in the cinema than i expected but everyone seemed to be enjoying it. 
The film itself was actually pretty good, if you were a fan of it the first time round then it actually doesn't disappoint. 
There are a lot of nods to the original series and for the nostalgia side of it I think it's been done very well.

I have to say there was a cheer with the cameos at the end of the film which I thought was a great touch.

All in all I would recommend it to see and following on from some of the recent reboots its been done really well.

If you have time over the next couple of weeks over the easter holidays its worth a a watch.

Look out next weekend for my review on the new Fast n Furious film

Have a great weekend

Love Holly