Gymnastics World Cup Part 1

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Saturday and welcome to part 1 of my blogs for the Gymnastics World Cup at the o2 arena in London. 

Having just come out of the women's competition which saw Amy Tinkler take home a very well deserved 3rd place medal I am now waiting for the men's competition to begin in a few hours time. I've actually found a lovely quiet bar to hide away from the crowds outside to write this. If you've not tried the Nylon lounge I really recommend it. 

I'm having such a good day today even though it's going to be a long one I really don't mind. The atmosphere in the arena has been brilliant so far and it's great to see the full competition take place. 
Having fought for tickets to the Olympics to watch the gymnastics( fond memories of being up till 1am most evenings during the competition playing the ticket game I was so happy to nab myself a floorside ticket and be part of an incredible event) 

When I saw the tickets come up for this I managed after much patience to get some great tickets for both events. 
My highlight of the day so far apart from the dancing storm troopers has been to see Max Whitlock perform some great routines in between the events of the women's competition.

Earlier today I managed to fit in a trip on the Emirates cable car at the o2 which in the sunshine that's currently over London was totally worth it.

Keep an eye on my Instagram  Holly_b83where I'll be posted more videos and pictures as the day goes on 

Love Holly 


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