Power Rangers the Movie

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Friday hope you have all had a great week? anyone else think having the sun out just makes the days so much better.

So for this blog I'm starting a new set of blogs on some films i'm going to see over the next couple of months. Having had a Cineworld card for a long time I thought it's time to review my cinema trips.

So last night I ventured up to my local Cineworld to give the new Power Rangers film ago. I'd heard mixed reviews on it since it's release but having been a fan when I was younger I was happy to give it a go.

My first observation was it was actually a lot busier in the cinema than i expected but everyone seemed to be enjoying it. 
The film itself was actually pretty good, if you were a fan of it the first time round then it actually doesn't disappoint. 
There are a lot of nods to the original series and for the nostalgia side of it I think it's been done very well.

I have to say there was a cheer with the cameos at the end of the film which I thought was a great touch.

All in all I would recommend it to see and following on from some of the recent reboots its been done really well.

If you have time over the next couple of weeks over the easter holidays its worth a a watch.

Look out next weekend for my review on the new Fast n Furious film

Have a great weekend

Love Holly 


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