Gymnastics World Cup Part 2

Hey Everyone,

Hope you've all had a great weekend

Following on from yesterdays brilliant but also long day the o2 here comes my blog on the rest of my day watching the gymnastics and the mens competition also with some pictures as I don't seem to be able to upload them from my iPad.

Well after deciding to change my viewpoint yesterday for the mens competition I spent the evening chilling in the Sky Backstage Bar which firstly I have to say has an incredible view but also without the stage in the arena was a great place to go n watch the evening event from.

The mens competition was fiercely fought from the start and great to watch. The skill and strength that goes into their routines is just incredible.

The energy in the arena was just as strong as it was for the women's competition earlier in the day. My only thought for organisers going forward is having it finish as late as it was could be something to look at next year as a lot of the audience were very young but clearly wanted to see both events and I heard some parents say they wouldn't be there till the end.

It was great also to see Max Whitlock appearing again and also see the support for gymnastics and team GB with all the flags in the arena.

I'm looking forward to the next event I can get along to and watch.
Hope you enjoy the pictures ( I even spotted some storm troopers watching ) and have a great rest of the week

Love Holly



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