Shoe Shopping

Shoe Shopping for Bigger Shoes for Women

Hey Everyone, 

So lets talk about shoes today and ladies shoe shopping. 

Normal shopping for anything else that isn't shoe related I am completely fine about but when it comes to shoes it fill me with dread.

It comes from being blessed with size 8 feet from my early teens. Now things have got better in recent years but it's still not great. 
My main question though is why when identical trainers ( eg plain white or black branded shoes) are available in both Women's and Men's sizes should you be expected to pay more if the men's size is in stock and the women's isn't?.

Over time I've learnt where to shop and to not get that feeling when the shop assistant is away looking for ages for your size for a long time. Two of my favourite go to shops especially for trainers are Schuh and JD Sports. They stock a great size range of women's shoes and especially bigger sizes so you have more of a chance of either ordering online or walking away from the store with what you wanted. 

I wondered into another shoe shop the other day to ask if a certain brand and design was in stock. They had the design but not the colour but I was told flat out that their sizes stopped at a size 7 and I could look in the mens if needed. I just left the store without even checking. 

What I would like to see is more shops give women with bigger shoe sizes a better shopping experience and not have to pay more for what they want. It can't be hard to do and for some shops to catch up on. 

Drop a comment below if you have the same trouble shoe shopping and where you like to go to get shoes. 

Thanks for reading 

Love Holly 


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