2018 Thoughts 

Hey Everyone, 
Firstly I have to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. I hope you all had a lovely time. Up until Christmas eve it really felt like December had been put on a fast forward button. I know people say life takes over but this month it really did.
From starting a new job at the beginning of the month it seemed all of a sudden it was the day before Christmas eve. I tried to stay on top of things this year and give myself a cut off date to be ready by and this year of all years it actually worked. 

This year really has been a busy one, from work to life and clocking up a big amount of miles theres been a lot of incredible memories made. 
The suitcases have been out in force with trips round the UK and Europe with Tenerife and Milan being visited and also Glasgow and Liverpool in the UK as well. 

I've loved visiting new places this year, Milan was beautiful and one place I would love to go back to again one day to spend some more time there. 
I've been looking at some future travel ideas hopefully for 2019, Pinterest really does give you a lot of ideas with out trying for places to visit. 

I'm so happy with how the blog has done this year, I personally would like to thank everyone who's taken time to read my posts and support what I do. 
A big achievement this year was to see both the blogs make it into the public vote for the UK blog awards. Am keeping fingers crossed for the next stage but It's just great to see things that you and your friends do get achievements. 

So next year for the blog I have some ideas already for new posts which I will start posting soon.

I hope you all have a great rest of the Christmas break

Love Holly 


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