Learning to Drive - a progress update

Hey Everyone, 

So Its been a while since my last driving update
The lessons are going well and I feel I'm starting get a grip with what I am trying to do, the gear changes are becoming easier with my instructors help along with everything else you have to remember with driving the car. 
This weeks challenges have been harder.... driving what will be my own car for extra practise..... Not as easy as it sounds I promise you. It's a great car but there's been a lot of frustration this week with learning how different the clutch is. It's simple you may think - its a pedal - trust me it's not it's hard and it's taking a bit longer to click.
I've also now as a safety net when I've been out driving been going slightly longer routes so I don't get myself into situations i'm not fully confident in getting out of yet. 

It's all well and good stalling on a quiet road but on a busy road it's not great. I've been told many times keep calm take a breath and carry on but trust me it's not easy. Most people like I mentioned in the last driving blog when they see an L plate on an instructors car or someone out doing private practise will hang back and give you some breathing space.

I'm learning speed limits, I'm learning how to feel comfortable doing different speeds and also how to deal with being on the road, what I don't mind is if people want to over take but sometimes it maybe worth remembering is if a car a couple of cars in front doesn't move as quick as you expect you really don't need to keep sounding your horn. As a learner it's off putting and soul destroying at times and really doesn't help any learner move quicker.
The also applies when you think for anyone who has recently passed they may not have a P plate on the car so keep this in mind as even though they've passed people can still use some encouragement.
My biggest achievement this week was attempting reversing and bay parking whilst out with a friend. Ok the car park was empty but for a first attempt at this I did really well.
I know the frustration will eventually go and things will come easier but for now it's more practise 
I'll update you all soon 

Love Holly 


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