Meal for one

Meal for One  

Hey Everyone 

So the subject for this blog has been in my head for a while and after some more experiences to add to the list I’ve decided to put it down on the blog and to see if people have had the same experience 

Now I have to say I go out and about on my own, I go out to places, I go shopping, I go to the cinema - this also means I like grabbing some food on the way.

Now it’s caught my attention more than a few times that there are places that treat you differently when you are on your own.

In my eyes your a paying customer why should your service where ever you are be any different to when you have a group with you.

I’ll use two examples from my visit to Glasgow 

Meal 1 - I arrive and am shown to a table with a menu. Table next to me is taken by family of four 10 mins later. After the table next to me has chosen and ordered do they come to me. 

My food and drink arrive together and then when it came for me to try and get the bill I watched table next to me also ask for their bill which was there in an instant. Once I had mine and was waiting for change it wasn’t till I stood up with my jacket on did anyone appear. 

Meal 2

A very well known brand - restaurant had just opened, asked for my table and instantly had good service. How had my visit been, had I been before etc it was s lot of fun all staff stopped to chat. If I needed anything even if it wasn’t my waitress someone was happy to come over. I didn’t feel like I’d been pushed aside cause I was there on my own.

Now my question is have any of you had similar experiences ? 

Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts 

Have a great rest of the week

Love Holly



  1. Well said Holly. I didn't realise this until you raised it.


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