Dinosaurs in the Wild - o2 arena London

Dinosaurs in the Wild

Hey Everyone 

So for today’s blog I’ve gone on a bit of a time travel experience

The adventure awaits you a few minutes walk from the o2 arena in London, on arrival head towards the Emirates airline and it’s a few minutes walk from there.

Now we booked our tickets online on a deal and had to pick them up on arrival.

I was actually quite shocked to see our tickets were pretty much half price to what you pay on the door £33 to be exact. 

I did see signage for the experience saying they didn’t think it was suitable for under 5s, judging by how frightened some kids in our group got i think it should have been under 10s

The actors play their roles really well and you really don’t realise you are there for 80mins I thought it had been about 45.

It’s very cleverly done and I would recommend it to see just look for a deal if you can before you go.

I had a lot of fun today it was something different and well put together and a clever use of a big space to keep you entertained the whole way round.

Hope you all have a great weekend 

Love Holly



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