A Year on

Evening everyone

So tonights blog is about health

A year ago tonight I remember well I was waiting in hospital to have my last lot of antibiotics and be discharged.
The problem had started about 10 days before when I'd started to feel un well and me being me tried to deal with it and carry on. I knew something wasn't right but in the end put it down to coming down with a bug n thought some cold n flu tablets would help and I'd be ok.
After coming back to London from a few days away where I'd dosed up and actually hadn't felt that bad I woke up on the train with what I can only describe as the shakes. Once home I wrapped up warm and went to bed. The next morning I rang the doctors for an emergency appointment and also rang in sick to work which is something I hate to do.
After a trip to the doctors which even though is only 10 mins on the bus it seemed a life time to me I had some antibiotics and put myself back to bed for a few hours sleep.
It wasn't till a phone call from my mum woke me up that she was coming to pick me up that I realised that I didn't feel any better.
I was actually glad be looked after but after trying eat when I got back to my parents did I realise I had no appetite at all and now bright lights were not my friend.
The next morning after my parents left for work did I try to settle myself on the couch to watch a film. I didn't realise at the time how high my temperature was but I couldn't get comfy so just went back to bed.
I think at this point I passed out in bed as the next thing I remember was my mum coming back to check on me at lunch time. She took my temperature which had now hit 104 and was straight back on the phone to the doctor who straight away said I needed to go to hospital for antibiotics from a drip to help.
From arriving at the hospital I was taken through with in 20 mins of arriving, at this point I was down to a vest top and tracksuit trousers as I was so hot and just couldn't cool down.
I remember my blood pressure being taken and being told it was dangerously low and then being hooked up to a drip and bloods being taken.

My dad told me a few hours later thats how he knew I wasn't well when I gave my arm by choice as normally I have to have someone with me for reassurance.
After a while in a cubicle a senior doctor came to see and started me off on antibiotics which whilst she was there the feeling i got was bubbles going through my veins (really random feeling) I remember trying to describe the shakes I'd had to her when they started again and reassured me it was because of my temperature being so high.

The most random memory I have of the hours I was there whilst a room was being found for me was listening to the wind outside and then hearing the doors of the ambulance entrance blow open and a paramedic saying "and thats how you make an entrance" followed by a lot of laughter from across the department.

At the out patients appointment the doctor gave me a full run down of what had happened on my arrival in A n E that I had a full picture of how ill I'd been.
She said my original bloods had shown the infection levels of 200 Which I learnt after should have been between 3-5 for normal levels and because of how high my temperature had been I'd had a slight heart murmur
It wasn't until after being told I could go home and I would be signed off for two weeks did I realise that this was my body needing recovery.

If I've learnt anything from what happened is don't ignore what your body is trying to tell you. If something isn't right don't feel bad if you need to take time out and rest up. Look after yourself and know your limits

Love Holly x


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