The Magic of Disney

Hey guys

Welcome to this weeks blog which I'm currently writing standing in the Queue for the film lot tour at the Disney studios in Paris.
I'm on day 2 of my trip and what can I say the past 24 hours so far have been incredible.
After a long train journey we arrived here at Disneyland Paris to bright sunshine. 
There's a special magic in the air as soon as you enter the park gates and see the castle. No matter what age everyone's face lights up when you see the castle on Main Street. 

After wondering round for a while we went to do the Mickey Mouse experience at the back of the park. No matter what age I recommend this as something to do. You get to go through an old school cinema where you watch some brilliant cartoons and then head Into to see Mickey. I have always loved the fact at how personal the experience is and how great the pictures turn out.

It was then time for the parade, if this is your first time to Disney make this the top of your list to see. The whole thing is always something very special to see.

The complete highlight of day one for me was our dinner with the characters. We'd all agreed to do this a few months ago and the evening was just 5⭐️ from start to finish. Our table had an incredible view and I'm very happy to say I finally have my picture with Minnie. After a few trips to the park before she's one character I've never been lucky to track down.

My favourite character is tigger and I'm not going to lie my face lit up on his appearance at dinner. I think my happiness is summed up in all the pictures.

I have to give a special thank you to all the amazing staff in cafe Mickey they were all incredible from start to finish and made the experience incredible. 

Today's adventures have started in the Disney film studios
I've always loved this part of the park from my very first visit. 
There's a lot of history and facts in this side of the park where you can see the making of the films and take part in a drawing class in the animation part which is something pretty special to do.

I managed two meet n greets today with Buzz Lightyear and then a bonus one of our group visit to see Mickey as well. 

It was then great timing for the late opening of the Aerosmith ride as we were walking past it - this is one of my favourite rides in the park the energy and music especially makes this ride high on my list of places to visit when you come to Disneyland Paris.

We were reunited with more friends today and after our adventures at the movie studios we headed for the main park. We got a great spot for the afternoon parade in front of the castle which had a great view as all the floats came past.
Our rides for the day included Buzz Lightyears laser blast, Pirates of the Caribbean and then a bonus of a Meet and great with Minnie Mouse at the end. 

After a group meal together at The diner in the village it was time for some sleep.

I'm finishing this blog on the Eurostar on the way home from a perfect few days where an added surprise of dinner being served on the train has just made us all very happy.

Today started early with my mission to try and get a picture with Mickey and Minnie together. After the long queue for Minnie last night I spoke to a cast member there who told me that they were till certain times and to get into the park as soon as it opened to get to the photo point for the picture. I'd organised it and was beyond disappointed to find a cast member there already telling people the queue was shut.
 My one bit of feedback for the whole visit is to look into having more time for photo experiences with Mickey and Minnie. I felt it unfair that it seemed they were there just for people with the extra magic hours. It would have meant the world to me to have that shot but will definitely try again for it on my next visit.
I was lucky to finally get a picture with Donald as on my previous visits I've never seen him out in the park before 

We had a great day I'm both parks n made the most of a lot of rides today. Phantom manor was as great as I remembered it from previous visits but my complete highlight was the Ratatouille ride in the movie studios. We were in the right place at the right time for a short queue today and I'm so glad we got a chance to go on it. 
I was so surprised and impressed it's an incredible ride and one i completely recommend you do. The whole style of the ride from start to finish was brilliant I don't want to give any spoilers away but I promise you won't be let down at all. If we'd had more time We would have gone on it again.

As I'm now on my way home it's giving me time to think about all my adventures over the past few days. Working in the customer service and tourist industry myself I watch things closely myself when I visit different attractions.
This weekend I've seen some lovely things which have ranged from how special all the characters have made everyone feel from young to old.
I did see something special this morning in the movie park watching Mickey lead a young guest who was poorly over to see Woody and they both spent time with her. 
Some of the best service came from the staff in Cafe Mickey. We've all been waiting a lot time to do a meal with the characters and it was the highlight of the trip. They all made us feel so special through out the whole visit.

There's something very special about visiting Disney 
From the iconic castle on Main Street to the Disney music you can't help but smile from the moment you enter the park. 
I've had an incredible time and look forward to my next visit 
For more pictures check my Instagram on holly_b83

Hope you've enjoyed reading this blog as much as I've enjoyed putting it together 

Love Holly X


  1. Love the blog Holly. Nice work a always. I always enjoyed hitting Aerosmith's rock & roller coaster just before the Tower of Terror right next to it at Disneyworld. Sadly that tradition is over as they're getting rid of the rock & roller coaster. Glad to see it's up & running in Paris...Kathy x


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