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Hands up who has at least one or more social media apps and profiles on their phones?
It's a part of everyday life to be active on social media, I think a lot of us can admit when we wake up you do a quick round of social media to see what's been going on while you've been asleep.

Earlier this week one of social medias most popular users Kim Kardashian was subjected to a terrifying experience by being held at gun point and bound in her hotel room in Paris.
                                                                              Soon after the news broke the stories and theories started
Was it the bodyguards fault for leaving Kim alone ?
Should the bodyguard have had such a wide social media profile?
Was it Kim's fault for snap chatting her engagement ring and location when people knew the amount the ring was worth when it had been talked about on social media?
Whilst people have been quick to jump on the negative and blame her for what happened you need to remember a woman and mother was subjected to a horrible experience one which it will take her a long time to recover from.

It brings the question now of how much do you post about yourself?. I like to be in control of what people can see on my platforms. I only recently changed the setting so I can see what can be posted on my time line on Facebook to be in more control of it. I like to do the tagging myself of where I am so personal info is kept that and my location for example is something I can post and isn't tracked by an app.

Photo credit - Kim Kardashians Instagram 


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