Book Review - Who I am - Melanie C


Book Review - Who I am - Melanie C 

Melanie C has finally put pen to paper to publish her long awaited autobiography. With many stories including her time in the Spice Girls this book is a must for any fans no matter when you became a fan. 

I was a fan of the group from the start but I really enjoyed going back to the start to see not only stories that we all know and love but more that went on behind the scenes during the band's peak and Mel's career after. 

I've not found many autobiographies where you hear the whole truth including the good and the bad and things aren't swept under the carpet. There are so many parts about the history of the Spice Girls that all fans will remember including their iconic Brits performance to their most recent shows in 2019. 

All of Melanie's stories are very open and honest and really bring you into the journey she has been on. The book itself will have you hooked from the first few chapters and has been written well so is easy to read. There are also lots of photos throughout the book some unseen before which is a must see for all fans. 

I give Mel's book a firm 5 stars. The book is available from all retailers and can be purchased online here Amazon


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