Book Review - The Big Bang Theory - Jessica Radloff

 Book Review - The Big Bang Theory - Jessica Radloff

 The Big Bang Theory book is an essential book for all fans of the hit show and one that I think set's the bar for the quality of information and stories that it provides for everyone who has loved the series. 

I'll admit I didn't fully get into the series until the end of Lockdown but it's now one that has joined others like Friends that just can watched and picked up at any point and you now whats going on. 

The book itself gives you an amazing insight to all cast and their stories from the beginning of  the series all the way through to the end of their journey in season 12. 

Out of all the shows I've read stories on and have had books that have run alongside them this one is firmly one of my favourites. If you are an avid fan there are plenty of stories from the cast which make you go back to find the episode and rewatch with things they have spoken about. 

The book also includes many behind the scenes polaroid pictures from Kayleigh Cuckoo's collection. They show how close the cast were and how many adventures that they got up to during the seasons of the show. 

The book also show's the true passion that the cast had for their roles and the shows and how much love they put into it for the many fans around the world. 

If you are a fan of the show I can't recommend this book enough and it should have a firm place in your collection and gains a solid 5 stars for this review. 

                                                You can order the book here on Amazon


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