Podcast Review - Mayim Bialik - Bialik Breakdown

Podcast Review - Mayim Bialik - Bialik Breakdown

Welcome to a new series where I will be reviewing Podcasts I have been listening to. They are can all be found on Apple Music in the Podcast selection.

First up to review is Mayim Bialik - Bialik Breakdown

I'm a big fan The Big Bang Theory and this one has been on my list to have a listen to for a while. The first episode I listened into was the reunion between Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch or as they are better known Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette Rostenkowski - Wolowitz. 

It was great to hear the pair talk about their time on the show but also along with the characters we all know and love stories of what went on behind the scenes and things the pair dealt with in their personal lives as well whilst the show was being filmed. I thought this was an incredibly honest chat to show how hard they worked whilst adapting to Motherhood.

I'm currently working my way now through other episodes of Mayim's including her interviews with Melanie C from the Spice Girls and also AJ from the Backstreet Boys. 

It is great to hear Mental Health being spoken about and all of the episodes tackle this topic in a well thought and presented way. All of the episodes so far have been very easy to listen to and are easy for all listeners to follow. 


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