Show Review - The Neighbours Celebration Tour + The Doctor Will See You Now Tour

Show Review - The Neighbours Celebration Tour  + The Doctor Will See You Now Tour

The Neighbours Celebration Tour - London Palladium

Originally billed as the farewell tour it was renamed the celebration after the news came in that we'd all hoped for that the show had been saved and would be return later this year. 

The tour was extremely successful and toured around the country before it's final date in London. The Palladium was full of Neighbours fans from many generations across the years. When looking round you could see a lot of Ramsey Street Signs which had been available at the Merchandise stands waiting to be taken home. 

The show itself was a brilliantly put together trip down memory lane. With Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson), Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy), Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy), Ryan Moloney (Toadie), Annie Jones (Jane Harris) and April Rose Pengilly (Chloe Brennan)

Throughout the show we were treated to stories from each cast member from their time on the show, lots of video clips from over the years and a Q+A session where the audience could send in their questions. 

From a show I grew up loving it was really interesting to not only hear a lot about the history of the show but stories from storylines I followed when I was younger. 

We were even treated to a singalong of the Neighbours theme song at the end of the show. 

The Doctor Will See You Now Tour - Potters Bar 

Following on from the Neighbours Celebration Tour earlier in the year Alan Fletcher returned to the UK in June for The Doctor Will See You Now Tour. 

The show was very popular and toured all different venues around the country including one very local to me so I went along to watch the show. 

Having missed out on the Meet and Greet option at the Palladium I decided to sign up for this one. It was great to meet Alan and he spent time with everyone who was waiting to see him so you got a chance to have a chat and get things signed as well. 

The show itself was great, starting off with some of the history of his earlier career before Neighbours and then back on trip down memory lane for all neighbours fans. This was different to the Palladium tour as it was more of the history of Karl and the Kennedy family and some of their brilliant story lines that they've had over the years. 

Since it's been a few months since Neighbours announced it's return it was also very interesting to hear some of whats coming up and the filming of the new episodes. 

Both shows were great to see and now the countdown is now on for the shows return on Amazon Freevee later this year.


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