And Just Like That Season 2


And Just Like That Season 2 

And Just Like That the finale of what has been a great season is here. If you haven't seen it yet stop reading now and catch up on what was a great finale. 

There are so many talking points of the episode with the biggest being the long awaited return and cameo appearance from Kim Cattrall as Samantha. 

Fan's of the original series and movies will be the first to say that she has been missed on screen but personally I have enjoyed the mentions and how her character has been tied in to this new chapter to show she has not vanished from our lives completely. 

Even though it was a short appearance it fitted in nicely with the story. As much as all fans would like Samantha back full time I do believe there is a London angle there for the show for a spin off or a tie in to season 3.

Next up -Aidan 

Another return we'd waited a long time for and to see Carrie happy again after the sad loss of Big in season 1 Aidan's returned slotted into place straight away. 

It worked and it looked like it was going in the right direction with Carrie looking to start the next chapter with him and moving on from her apartment that has been one of the key locations since the show's beginning. Samantha's fair well to the apartment was brilliant and just full of the humour we have all missed from her.

Although I have a lot of questions after the finale I am very interested to see how this story continues in Season 3. 

The end of this series showed so much development with the key characters from Charlotte returning to working life and Miranda emerging from her troubles and regaining a lot of her confidence. 

Personally there are some story lines especially with Miranda I feel could have been dealt with a bit differently but this is something I hope is dealt with in future episodes. 

The past two seasons have bought so many memories back from Sex and The City and introduced some great new ones which have fitted in with new fans. 

Even though Season 3 is a little while away I am really looking forward to seeing where the writers take the story next. 

If you are a fan of podcasts then don't forget to check out And Just Like That - The Writers Room - available on Apple podcasts


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