This is how we Bingham

 Hey Everyone, 

Happy Saturday and if your in London like myself happy sunny Saturday.

Welcome to the second part of my series featuring some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers I've been following. For those who haven't checked out the first part it featured the amazing Gardener Quad Squad it's up on the blog on 

Through watching their videos and through you tube suggestions I came across the brilliant Bingham family. I love watching their daily vlogs put together with such energy and they've also become part of my daily you tube schedule. 

I think so far from the videos I've seen my top 5 would be the baby gender reveal (yes I cried)  the frozen cat rescue, the series with the broken leg in the skate park, the aquarium with the gardners and last but not least Hazels viral video

If you've not seen any of these pop on to you tube n check them out I don't want to give away spoilers for them but they are great n so well put together. 
I'm still trying to develop the you tube channel side of my blog n these videos really inspire me to do so.

If you haven't checked them out on you tube hopefully the link below works I'm trialling a new blogging app on my phone at the min.

Hope you all have a great weekend 

Love Holly 

this is how we Bingham


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