A bit of a Size confusion

Hey Everyone, 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far especially with it being a short one thanks to the bank holiday last weekend.

So my blog this week is a fashion related one and how confused after a couple of recent visits to Primark I am over their size systems.

I've visited 3 different stores in the past week ( side note I've now discovered shopping after 8pm in Marble Arch is super chilled and not quiet as long as you don't mind the folding stations that are there to help clear up the store at the end of the day) 

Now on observation of my normal shopping habits I range between a 12 and a 14 depending on the store and also what the item is. Coats for example I go a size up so they will be comfortable and I can do them up as well, tops and jumpers I tend to stay at a size 12 and some trousers either a 12/14 depending on the shop.

When it comes to Primark well its a completely different challenge

I saw stated on a poster in the store last week that their sizes had been looked at

After walking round 3 different stores I've noted 




Now the first set of sizes I understand and they make sense once you've double checked they are on the correct hanger nothing like taking hope a medium to find it was actually and XS which I learnt again last week.

Now I come to the next set
Depending on what it is 10-12 is too small for me and 14-16 usually swamps me where is the logical thinking of the missing middle sizes of 8-10 and 12-14

I'm also stumped at the swim wear
What happens if you find a design you like but being a size 12 you need a bigger cup size? I could go for a size 16 for that but then it would be way too big and look silly.

I did also ask the question in store why they don't have an online option - with the answer of it wouldn't be cost affective I'm not sure I agree. For the people that don't like the crowds and still want to shop there I think it would work very well.

I know from other shops there is a size debate and would be interested to hear your feedback on experiences you've had and shops that cause an issue

Have a great rest of the week 

Love Holly 


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