White Light vs Yellow Light

White light vs Yellow light

Hey Everyone

So today’s blog is talking about the difference between White light and Yellow light and finding out if you know the difference.

Now for many years I’ve had a range of different migraines some easy to deal with and some not. 
Although I now have an answer for what can trigger it I still try and help with other factors. 

A few years ago at a routine eye appointment I was offered the chance to change my lenses to blue light lenses. They change what we see as white light back to natural yellow and with my prescription have been brilliant. 
Now I don’t need them all the time but when I do the difference is so good.

Looking into it more white light is around more and more now. Some shops are so bright I have at times left. With people using computers, tablets and phones so much now I have to ask who realises how much white light they subject their eyes too.

Some people are fine with it but i personally struggle when I’m tired as my eyes really strain and this makes it worse.
I’ve turned on night shift on my phone which when the sun sets turns the brightness down so you are looking at a more natural light.

A few weeks ago I ordered these amazing glasses from Sarah’s Day on Instagram they also have blue light lenses.
They don’t have my prescription in yet but even so they’ve become great for using when working.

It’s something to look into as it can really change how you feel and operate.
Let me know below your thoughts and if there are things you do to help keep natural light around you more.

Have a great weekend 

Love Holly


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