Cineworld Cinemas

Cineworld Cinemas

Hey Everyone, 

So with Autumn firmly here and Winter on the horizon it's time to find things to do that involve staying out of the stormy wet weather the UK has been experiencing over the last few weeks.

I've had a Cineworld card for over 10 years now and personally think it's a must and completely worth the money for what you get. When you break it down what is not to love about watching films on the big screen unlimited times. You also get great discounts on 3D, Superscreen, D-Box, 4DX, Screen X and Event Cinema showings as well. After a year when you are upgraded to your Premium card you will then be allowed in the 3D screenings for free as well. 

A great perk of the card I think are the Unlimited Advance Screenings. If you receive the Cineworld newsletter you will receive the details of the preview screenings which gives you the chance to see new films before anyone else.

Going to the cinema can work out expensive when it comes to Food and Drink but having a Cineworld card works out well. If you are a Red Card holder you receive 10% off your food and drink but once you have your premium card it's a massive 25% off which really makes it worth it. A bonus for all coffee lovers is if you are lucky to have a Starbucks onsite in your local Cineworld head there for 10% off your bill.

Booking tickets for screenings is really easy on the app, you can pick your cinema and the film easily and it will remember your card number so your visit can be completed in a few short steps. If you are booking with Friends and Family you can also store their card numbers which I think is great and makes planning a visit so much easier. 

There are lots of great films on the way before the end of the year, some of the most recent hit films have included 'Downton Abby', 'Judy' and 'Joker' you can also book ahead for films on the way. Keep an eye out for the Classic Movie Screenings where some old time favourites make it back on to the big screen. The next one available is 
'The Crow' so make sure you double check if it is showing at your local cinema. 

If you want to sign up for a Cineworld Card follow the link Cineworld Sign Up Prices with out the Westend cinemas are £18.40 and £220.80 for the year. Prices with the Westend cinemas are £20.90 a month and £250.80 for the year. Personally I think if you go a couple of times a month this card is completely worth it and a great thing to have.

Let me know below if you have a Cineworld card, what films you have seen this year and which ones you are looking forward to coming up. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week
Love Holly 

Cineworld featured in photo - The o2 Arena North Greenwich


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