Playing tourist in your own city vs getting out of town

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For today's blog lets talk travel. 

I live in London, there is so many different things to do and places to visit here which makes it usually always busy. I have found some amazing places that I love that are away from the normal places like to visit. 

London itself has so much history I find it really interesting just going on long walks especially down the River Thames. There are so many old and new buildings each with their own story to tell. Another way I love to use for exploring the city is on the river boats. You really do see some amazing views but also discover new places to visit that you wouldn't think of straight away to go to. 

There's so many things also around the country that are within reach to do, a few weeks ago whilst on a visit to Portsmouth to see a show I was lucky enough to have sometime the day after to just walk along the beach and have lunch in the sun and see some of the things that is on offer. It's always worth just grabbing a map or checking google maps to see whats near by when ever you have some spare time. I've often found the best places when I've not even been looking and this just a personal opinion but sometimes they can be more enjoyable than things that are advertised everywhere. 

On the flip side of this, from being in the city do you ever look to just escaping for a few days or even just for the day. The majority of journey's timed right give you a great amount of time even on a day trip to go and explore somewhere else in the UK. With the journey times up to Liverpool and Manchester for example just under two hours now it's very easy to grab some advance tickets and explore. 

Let me know below if you prefer planned holidays or out of the blue trips and where you like to visit. 

Love Holly 



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