2020 Planning

2020 Planning 

Hey Everyone 

Welcome back to the blog. 
I hope you are all having a great time on this sunny bank holiday weekend. 

So today my thought's turned to 2020 and starting to look for a new diary to start putting things in. Now I know everyone has pretty much everything they need on their phones I still look forward to finding a new diary for each year. 

I've been looking at different websites trying to find some that I like. I know it is a bit early for some shops as they mostly have the 2019/2020 diaries in stock at the moment but I like to see what designs are available. 

This is where I want to throw it open to you all to see what you look for in diaries and what shops you like to use. 

Do you go for planners or smaller diaries?, What design do you look for?, Do you stick with the same brand each year?  and one I am curious to know the answer to is do you prefer a physical diary to a calendar app? Let me know below what your thoughts are. 

With September fast approaching I can't get my head round planning for Christmas let alone 2020 but always like setting up a fresh diary for each year. 

I hope you have a great rest of the bank holiday weekend and enjoy the sunshine.
Love Holly 


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