Looking after you in 2021

Looking after You in 2021

If 2020 proved one thing is that you can stop and look after yourself. Lockdown came out of the blue and we weren't prepared for something that would change us like it has. 

It has taken a while to settle in that staying in is the new going out. 

What has also taken a while to adapt to is doing what is good for you. 

Have a look at the picture above - now choose 3 things that stand out to you right now. 

My choices change all the time but I will say one thing. Everyone has dealt with the last 10 months in many different ways. There are no right or wrong ways for doing that but looking after yourself is the main thing. 

If you need some extra sleep - take it. In all honesty this is my top choice from the list. This is the longest amount of time I've been out of my routine and it took some getting used too. There is nothing wrong with going to bed early or if you want staying in bed a bit longer. 

Taking a break from Social Media - whilst I didn't take a complete break I did stop myself from constantly reading the news all the time. It's not good to keep it on the whole time especially with things changing so often.

The main thing is to look after yourself right now - I can't imagine anyone thought this would last as long as it has but we will all come out of this much stronger than before. It's your choice on how you deal with things, I've come round to the fact that if it isn't urgent then it can wait until i'm ready to do it. 

Let me know below which options from the picture you would choose. 

Have a great week 

Love Holly 



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