Hope for 2021 

The year that we shall never talk about again has finally finished and been shown the door. With 2020 firmly gone it is time to look forward and to the future.

The last 12 months threw the world challenges we never thought in our lifetime that we would have to deal with. In time we will look back over what has happened and is still happening. 

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Social Distancing and Tier levels around the country are all new things and the new normal for the time being. 

Shops are shut unless viable to be open and staying home is the new going out. Streaming services such as Disney Plus, Netflix and Amazon are now things on most of the day not just in the evenings. 

From planning days out life is now planning what part of the house you will be in during the day.

If 2020 showed me one thing it's that life can go be a challenge and not be easy to deal with but we are all getting through it together. 

There is a lot of hope for 2021 and that now a vaccine is available we can start to move forward and life can fight back towards being normal.

There will be a time where we can meet friends properly again and hang out and also dare I say it head out on holiday. 

For now we have to stay safe and keep each other going. 

Here's to 2021 and heading in the right direction. 


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