London Snow Day


London Snow Day

After many false weather reports London finally got it's snow day at the weekend. For weeks we'd been promised it but nothing arrived but with all the weather apps for a change agreeing with each other the flakes finally started falling. 

Across social media there were many picture and videos of families enjoying the snow. From building snowmen in gardens to beautiful winter walks it was the day many sorely needed. The last year hasn't been an easy one but it seemed like their was an air of relief to let off some steam. 

There's something quite magical about looking at freshly laid snow. Normally if you manage a snow day in London it's a light dusting that is gone in a few hours. Every so often the weather gods do smile down on us and grant us some fun in the snow. 

Did you enjoy seeing the snow in London? Let me know below what you got up to and if you would like to see more snow follow. Personally I'd love some more snow as you don't always get the chance to take it in and enjoy it. 


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