Fresh Prince of Bel Air - 30 Year anniversary reunion

Fresh Prince of Bel Air - 30 Year Anniversary Reunion

After watching this earlier today I can safely say for fans that haven't seen it yet it is everything you want for a reunion of one of your favourite shows. 

I'll hold my hands up and say I am more of a fan of the show now than when I first watched it when I was younger. Some of the episodes are very funny no matter how many times you watch them. 

I still find it hard to believe that this show is now 30 years old. I watched a few clips of it when it was first released on to HBO but have waited for a chance to catch the whole show. 

For fans wanting to watch it you can now find it on Sky Comedy from Jan 1st. 

Seeing the whole cast back together on the original set was great. There are a few surprise appearances during the show and it's one not to miss. 

Do you have any favourite episodes for the show? Let me know below what they are and if you have seen the reunion and what your thoughts were. 



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