My Travel Round Up

Hey Everyone, 

Hope you've all had a great weekend

So I've been back in the UK a few days now but after some cracking jet lag and just being tired from the busy trip I've been sleeping quite a bit since I got back.

So I thought I'd do a little round up for you 


Vegas well it was hot there is no other way of skirting round that one. The heat itself if you nip in n out of shops and the hotels was manageable but what got me was instead of the wind you got very hot air blown at you which I wasn't ready for and my eyes most certainly took it full force and I hid behind my sunglasses a lot of the time.
My advice if you want to do much is to go out before lunch as the main bulk of the heat hit from about 2pm onwards.

The strip itself is very deceiving - all the hotels are accessible to the public so if you aren't staying there you can wonder in n out of all the hotels especially to see the shops and play in the casinos. What it doesn't look like from the outside is all the hotels are pretty much the length of a shopping centre to walk through. Think Westfield and you are pretty much there. 
If you have a steps fitness goal you will beat it very early in the day trust me.

Crossing roads - one thing I noticed for Vegas for crossing roads is they have a nifty escalator and bridge system running which helps you get across roads quicker and safer as well.

The shows - there are a lot of shows running in Vegas so make sure you check them out. Most are near to the strip or on the strip. We went to Magic Mike ( check out the blog here Magic Mike Live  ) at the Hard Rock Hotel and got the monorail near and walked the rest of the way. It was a good 20 minute walk but also very hot so bare that in mind incase you want to get a cab there instead.

Wifi - for keeping the phone charges down there is wifi pretty much everywhere on the strip. Hotels will have it for their guests but shops, bars and restaurants have it too which was great to know.

Refills - it was a bonus to know when you go out for food most places will do free drinks refills for you as soon as your glass gets low. With the heat it really helped.

Los Angeles

Free Wifi on the buses - this was a great find especially out on the bus routes in HollyWood. If you were lost and needed google maps for help it wasn't hard to get online. 

Discount shopping - we visited some great shops while we were away and found some great discount shopping outlets which with the 4th July sales on made a great challenge for shopping in. Some of the sales were amazing and I have to say I was slightly gutted I could find any Converse in my size but there is always next time.

Disney - What can I say it was amazing (check out the blog here Disney Adventures ) I'd been looking forward for so long to visit the original park and it really was just amazing to see. Its completely a must if you visit LA

The Hollywood sign - we were lucky to see both the sign and the Griffith Observatory together. We attempted a hike towards the sign but came back half way in as it was stupidly hot. 
If you've seen LaLa Land you will know how amazing the observatory looks and even though it was busy it was great to have a look round. 

Sight Seeing - what can I say it was incredible to see so many places I've seen in films and TV shows. I loved seeing so much of the Walk of Fame which is a must if you venture into HollyWood for a look round.

Don't forget to check back on the blog to see some of the other things that happened on the trip 

Have a great week 

Love Holly 


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